Crushin #4: Morena

It’s been over a month since I last said something really positive on here, which is why it’s time for me to introduce you to another crush of mine. I’m quite sure that the Swiss readers among you will know her, but for the rest of the world, I think she belongs to those people you can’t mention enough. So without further ado, please meet Morena, also known as m0reniita.

Why is she my crush? Well, first of all, look at that face. That hair. That positive attitude she radiates, with or without makeup. Beautiful, I know. But enough with the superficial compliments – the world is full of beautiful girls, especially when you’re a social media regular, right? One, two filters, the right position and light and BAM! – no big deal. We’re all stunning on Instagram.

So let’s get to the real point. Why is she my crush?

She’s real. She’s brave. She’s what I’m trying to be with words, only with action. She’s a total badass, honestly, every time I see one of her pictures I get an urge to cuddle her, like real hard, and say thank you. Scream thank you. F*cking thank you, Morena.

Not having the perfect abs and feeling no shame for that? Talking about it? Showing it off? I totally respect that. I admire that. I’m aiming for that. Yes, me too, I joke about the fact that I’ve never been in a perfect shape or how I can never say no to food. But taking a picture of me in a bikini, just chilling there with my rolls, and posting it on Instagram? God forbid. Not because I don’t know exactly that it’s the most normal thing in the world for rolls to form when sitting down, even with very skinny people, but because I just don’t feel comfortable enough showing it off. I know it’s silly and I know I urgently need to grow up and forget such thoughts, but I guess I’ll just need another couple of months? years? for that.

And it’s not about stopping to care about fitness and health. It’s not about having found a legit excuse not to exercise or to eat whatever the f*ck you want. It’s about being happy and not beating yourself up too much with your own physical appearance. It’s about gaining so much life quality and a huge piece of sanity back, just from relaxing the way you look at yourself. It’s crazy slash sad slash absolutely ridic, but it’s true that many of us often have trouble loving ourselves and our bodies the way they are – so if you feel insecure about whatever silly reason that has something to do with your physical appearance, I strongly advise you to follow Morena on Instagram. To me, every time I see one of her posts, it’s like a reminder. Girl, you’re beautiful, with or without that piece of cake you’ve been trying to avoid all day. F*ckin’ chill.

So thank you, Morena, for being brave enough to show all of us that looking like a skinny blogger with changing outfits is not the goal. Self-love is. Thank you for being unapologetic about your ‘flaws’, even if you too probably suffer from self-doubt from time to time. And thank you for reminding us to be as nice to ourselves as we were taught to be with others.

But enough with the cheese, I got a little carried away there. On another note, she also seems to be a really nice person, which is obviously not my repertoire but probably something many people might feel inspired by. She’s also a very rhythmic dancer, which is definitely something a lot of your stiff german-speaking hips could learn a thing or two from. You get the message:

You should follow Morena, trust me.



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2 thoughts on “Crushin #4: Morena

  1. Morena

    Du hast mich heute nicht nur überrascht, nein.. du hast mir sogar ein riesengrosses Lächeln ins Gesicht gezaubert und mich mit deinem Text echt umgehauen. Wow! Danke viel viel mal für diese lieben Worte. Dass jemand mal sowas liebes und tolles und motivierendes überm ich schreibt, hätte ich nie erwartet.. du hast meinen Tag gerettet! <3

    1. girlcasm Post author

      🙂 Ich bin dafür, dass man einander gegenseitig unterstützt und wenn dich der Text gefreut hat, dann freut mich das auch!


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