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Coats coats coats

Did you know that I do posts on request? Because I do. Whether it’s a personal question you’d like me to debate or a rant you can’t find the words to make – I’m here for you, just drop me a message at hello@girlcasm.com 🙂

The other day, after talking about my coat problem on Snap, I was asked to pick some SALE coats for you guys. So if you’ve been looking to make a good deal that keeps you warm – this is your sign.

Personally, I think a coat is something worth spending more on – I don’t believe in H&M or Asos. I swear on Burberry, because they always make you look elegant and don’t go out of style, if you ask me. I have coats that I have now been wearing for the 8th winter in a row and am planning to wear for another couple of years – beat that.

For this reason, I have put the limit for this piece to 1’500€ – which doesn’t mean that I haven’t picked a couple of more affordable pieces. But see for yourself:

1 – 500€

If you’re looking for a pink, fluffy, cozy coat: EDITED – 139€

If you’re looking for a classic: IVY & Oak – 199€

If you’re looking for some white fluff, not too warm though: J.Crew – 238€

I like a pop of red, it makes almost everybody look pretty: Harris Wharf London – 250€

LOVE!!! this one here. The color, the cut: Carven – 322€

A little pink, for the brave: Lala Berlin – 349€

Love this color as well: Lala Berlin – 349€

Absolutely love this one here: Blugirl – 453€

Simple, with a girly twist – love: J.Crew – 469€

If you’re the bomber type of girl, this one here is pretty cool: Acne – 490€

501 – 1000€

Simple and fluffy: Lala Berlin – 519€

A real steal – so delicate: Bally – 530€

Another color pop I love: J.Crew – 568€

Cute floral detail: I’m Isola Marras – 574€

A little drama for you: P.A.R.O.S.H. – 615€

Super fun: Mother – 632€

Another classic: Joseph – 666€

Classic with a little rock ‘n’ roll: J.W.Anderson – 694€

A little hello from my Russian taste: Giada Benincasa – 897€

Classic, simple: Helmut Lang – 920€

1001 – 1500€

I know this is rather a warm blazer, but this color! so pretty: Stella McCartney – 1095€

Candy meets classic: Etro – 1099€

Looooove this one here – so fun: Anya Hindmarch – 1256€

Colorful but still not too much, if you ask me: Etro – 1365€

And in case you’re looking for a little shearling to keep you warm: Karl Donoghue – 1475€

I found an awful lot of coats, huh? Not sure if this huge selection makes it any easier for you and also I know that my mother will not agree with most of those here, because not all of them are long enough to cover most of your legs – but maybe there’s something you fell in love with at first sight? Let me know! xoxo

Whatever topic you’d like me to cover, I’ll do it for you – trust me.


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