Not impressed

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but somebody has to get the job done, right? Today I’d like to let you know that casually bragging about Business Class is so 2000-and-I-don’t-even-remember, probably 2004-2006ish. That’s at least 10 years since it was cool – or more like accepted – to let people know in what environment you chose to get from A to B. Yes, Business Class is great, especially when it’s long distance and you’re being fed all kinds of snacks and drinks in regular intervals instead of scraping stale goop from some aluminium dish, jammed among strangers and […]



The boy and I, we rarely fight. Even though we’re both equally stubborn and judgmental from time to time, luckily we mostly agree on things – especially the things or people we dislike, turning us into a really really obnoxious couple. But there’s one thing that I have noticed about us where we are completely different: maintenance. He will totally hate me for this, but let me elaborate: What he does on a daily basis is: get up, take a shower, put gel in his hair, dry it, put on some pants and a shirt. Like, a button-down shirt. Every. […]

Less is more

I don’t know about your country, but I went to primary school in Germany, which is where I draw a certain memory from: girls used to comment on their crush’s ‘fragrant’ washing powder. Like mmmmhm he smells so nice of washing powder! I can say that my conscience is clear on this one – I never got the idea why the substance somebody’s mother had chosen to wash that person’s dirty underwear qualified as an attractive feature. While I’m happy to admit that we were all young and stupid once for one or another reason, I am kind of at a […]

License to chill

As you might have seen on Instagram, I just came back from some sort of road trip to Italy with the boy. He drove me to lake Garda where we stayed in the tiny town of Gargnano and visited Salò, before we spent a night in Milano and then drove back home to Switzerland. Over a thousand kilometers which I didn’t spend at the wheel, not once. Why? It’s simple – I don’t have a license. Shocker. I am turning 26 next Monday and I still don’t have a driver’s license. A thing that seems to amaze literally everybody I […]

DIY: clown jacket

I fail at basic. Always have, always will. It’s not for me – at least when it comes to clothes. I’ve been looking for THE perfect denim jacket since forever and wasn’t able to find it. They always seem to have a tacky washing, a weird-ass cut or a ridiculous price tag. A little bit like women, when you think of it. At some point I did what I always do when I kind of want something but don’t want it enough: I went to H&M, my personal place of horror. I know I’m a b*tch but shopping there really costs […]

Don’t buy the shallow

If you have been reading my bla for a while now, you know that I try to be as little fake as possible – sometimes I give you TMI, I’m well aware of that, and most of the time I am talking about totally irrelevant stuff, just because. I am also trying to find a way of posting pictures that are not too staged but still a half-decent bait for my actual baby, that is @girlcasm, clearly not following my own ten commandments of #instafame. I guess I still haven’t found the right spot but it will not be too far away […]


Two days ago somebody I know turned 30 and it made me feel so old. I don’t know about you but I am turning 26 in a little less than three weeks and it low key freaks me out. I wanted to be a mother of two by now, what happened? Wannabe is f*cking 20 years old. Let me spell that out for you – t w e n t y. I still know the lyrics by heart and frankly, I can’t think of too much that has changed about me since 1996. Years have gone by in a rush and […]

No excuses

Soooo… if you haven’t lived under a rock for the last couple of days, you know that the Pokémon movement is currently experiencing some sort of a comeback with Pokémon Go, a location based game that has people walking around with their phones, trying to CATCH EM ALL. As with any kind of hype, for every person who is totally into it, there’s always somebody who is just as against it. Well, guess which side I’m on… As usual, I’d like to start off with a few words about my connection to this. I am a huge former Pokémon fan myself. With my Jewish […]

Own who you are

If you’re on Facebook you probably might have seen people posting status updates about Facebook’s privacy policy recently and in earlier years, too. You know, like…. all pictures are mine, I do not allow those bad boys to use ’em for whatever purpose other than my shameless self-promotion etc. lalala How do I put this? . . . .Congrats. To the people who make such rumors and their corresponding relief up and watch idiot after idiot fall for it. And as for those who earnestly believe in it… It hurts, but it’s a tiny little bit true: those people are a […]

Comfort zone

People always talk about this mystical thing called comfort zone. ‘Get out of your comfort zone, that’s where the magic happens.’ We all know these motivational posts. Even my boss once used it to describe how she wanted me to get my work done – eww. To me, it’s like one of the most touchy-feely sayings ever. Disgusting. BUT – I’m thinking about comfort zones a lot. I think it’s good in terms of self-reflection. Like…What do I do, what can I do, what am I not doing and what should I do – why am I not doing what I […]