I’m a very curious person with an obnoxious interest for behavior and motivation, which is why I probably observe more than is good or normal. I find it immensely interesting to watch people, examine them and render an inner judgement about them. Oops. It’s not as bad as it sounds, though. While it may not always be fair to everybody – I do admit that I turn out to be wrong sometimes, not too often though – I still think that it’s a habit that teaches you a lot, besides making sure you can entertain yourself on your own almost any place, […]

Don’t stop

I don’t know about you, but I’m sooooo over Chiara, there are not enough o’s in the world to explain my feeling. So. Obnoxious. Where do I start? That ELLO GUYSE she keeps throwing at us? It drives me nuts. Like what the f*ck – how long has she spent in the US by now? When will it finally dawn on her that you don’t have to add an e to every single word you say, just because you’re freakin Italian? It’s not cute, not anymore, it’s just plain annoying. It’s an insult to everybody who keeps believing in her […]

Head high

You know, women are such b*tches, they seriously are. Many of them are led by negative feelings and insecurities, and they just can’t help it. I guess it’s natural, I don’t judge – I have my own sites and vices I need to work on and yes, me too, I enjoy a little nasty comment from time to time, no big surprise. But damn, some of you b*tches seem to be too dumb to indulge in this little guilty pleasure that is stalking in the right way and that is something that kind of bugs me. For your sake, not mine. If you’re […]

No, I’m not

God guys, I totally forgot to talk about something that has been keeping me up at night for the last couple of weeks and I can’t explain how this could happen. Every time I stumble upon this horror, all I can think is – CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT IT?! Dear Rumi Neely – the f*ck is wrong with you? And don’t worry, even if I’d love to drop a couple of words about that body, too, I’m not gonna give in to my temptation and say something about the fact that you’re obviously glorifying a dangerous lifestyle to uncountable manipulable girls […]


You know what’s dead? Manners, apparently – and it’s not ok. When did this happen? Remember the times when mothers used to teach their kids to be nice to people – to say thank you, to hold doors and to just be a decent human being whenever possible? Well, these times are obviously long gone, judging from the vibes I’m getting on a regular basis aka whenever I leave the bubble of my own house. Call me old school but not having manners is so not acceptable. Having the tiniest contact with somebody who acts like a savage annoys me. It’s disgusting. Repellent, […]

Crushin #3: Leandra

Apparently ‘fashion month’ is coming up and I can’t even write these couple of words without feeling the urge to roll my eyes so hard you’d be worried about my well-being. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I have a certain opinion about everybody and their dog talking about their involvement in the ‘fashion world’ –  looking at pictures of the same old faces for days on end, the same Chloé bags dangling on every arm, the same girls forming crowds of clones, wearing the same f*cking clothes in different shades, mixed with pieces nobody in their […]

DIY: Pom-pom-pom

You know how you sometimes check your closet and f*cking hate every piece of clothing it hides – like, with a passion? How do I deserve such a boring pile of clothes? Who even made me buy all of these? Why can’t I just swap all of it with a bunch of Chanel bags and Valentino dresses? I HATE ALL OF YOU, DO YOU HEAR ME???  That’s me, every single day. Having one of my daily fits, one day my eyes fell on this poor Zara blouse. What a tacky piece of boredom you are, I thought to myself, about to […]

Not impressed

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but somebody has to get the job done, right? Today I’d like to let you know that casually bragging about Business Class is so 2000-and-I-don’t-even-remember, probably 2004-2006ish. That’s at least 10 years since it was cool – or more like accepted – to let people know in what environment you chose to get from A to B. Yes, Business Class is great, especially when it’s long distance and you’re being fed all kinds of snacks and drinks in regular intervals instead of scraping stale goop from some aluminium dish, jammed among strangers and […]



The boy and I, we rarely fight. Even though we’re both equally stubborn and judgmental from time to time, luckily we mostly agree on things – especially the things or people we dislike, turning us into a really really obnoxious couple. But there’s one thing that I have noticed about us where we are completely different: maintenance. He will totally hate me for this, but let me elaborate: What he does on a daily basis is: get up, take a shower, put gel in his hair, dry it, put on some pants and a shirt. Like, a button-down shirt. Every. […]

Less is more

I don’t know about your country, but I went to primary school in Germany, which is where I draw a certain memory from: girls used to comment on their crush’s ‘fragrant’ washing powder. Like mmmmhm he smells so nice of washing powder! I can say that my conscience is clear on this one – I never got the idea why the substance somebody’s mother had chosen to wash that person’s dirty underwear qualified as an attractive feature. While I’m happy to admit that we were all young and stupid once for one or another reason, I am kind of at a […]