There’s something I have wanted to be mean about for a long long while now – not urgently, but quite consistently – which is why today I bring to you: a casual couple of words on photoshoots. To clarify what I’m talking about: not the kind of shoots where Gigi Hadid casually looks like the most beautiful creature that has ever set foot on this unworthy planet just by being who she is. Not the ones that give GQ reason to call Bella Hadid model of the year. I’m talking about the ones you do at your village photographer of confidence, just […]

Kenzo o o

The Kenzo x H&M collab is about to launch, fashionistas around the globe are preparing to wet their pants waiting in line in front of the store November 3rd. It seems to be kind of an affair of honor to join in the craze around the concept of renowned designers teaming up with one of the cheapest stores there is, in order to give those who don’t usually spend their money on brands a little piece of that cake. I get it. Last time, when Balmain x H&M came out, I was one of those, too. I mean…instead of waiting in front of […]

This just in

I know that, in theory, we should have more pressing topics to talk about, looking at what is currently happening in the world, but in practice I was asked to write a post on It Bags some while ago and since I really appreciate when you give me topics to talk about – THIS IS A HINT, IN CASE YOU DON’T GET IT – I will gladly say a couple of words about them. So, It Bags. Funny you’d ask me about them, because I’m known for rants and negative comments, but bags? Of course I have a thing for bags. […]

Crazy healthy #8: nail polish

The very attentive among you might have noticed that I haven’t talked about health on here for a while. The reason is not that I don’t care about health anymore, to the contrary, it’s just that the serious topics aren’t as sexy and entertaining as others are. Today, I would like to share a couple of girly thoughts on nail polish – you can also follow #crazyhealthy for previous health blabla on here. So, where do I start? Let’s make it short: Nail polish is full of nasty toxins, apparently. Not a big surprise, judging from the smell of it, but […]


Some while ago I got a personal message by a reader, saying how she admired my confidence, how she wishes to someday reach an equal level of it and be as effortless as apparently I seem to be. This made me think how I wanted to be even more honest about confidence and make it a topic on here more often, in order to be more real about what is behind looking as ‘confident’ as in that one picture chosen from a 100 awkward ones – what do you think? I once dated a guy who casually told me how a […]

Keep it

Many people have certain ideas and opinions on all sorts of topics, which they form, cement and defend with all of their heart, which is cool and legit but can also be quite annoying at times. Yes, you’re entitled to your personal view on just about anything – but can you please not shove it in my face when I clearly don’t care to hear it? Yesterday I was having a conversation with my professor on something that only concerned me and my examination and my grade – when some snitch I had never seen before decided to interfere from […]



I’m a very curious person with an obnoxious interest for behavior and motivation, which is why I probably observe more than is good or normal. I find it immensely interesting to watch people, examine them and render an inner judgement about them. Oops. It’s not as bad as it sounds, though. While it may not always be fair to everybody – I do admit that I turn out to be wrong sometimes, not too often though – I still think that it’s a habit that teaches you a lot, besides making sure you can entertain yourself on your own almost any place, […]

Don’t stop

I don’t know about you, but I’m sooooo over Chiara, there are not enough o’s in the world to explain my feeling. So. Obnoxious. Where do I start? That ELLO GUYSE she keeps throwing at us? It drives me nuts. Like what the f*ck – how long has she spent in the US by now? When will it finally dawn on her that you don’t have to add an e to every single word you say, just because you’re freakin Italian? It’s not cute, not anymore, it’s just plain annoying. It’s an insult to everybody who keeps believing in her […]

Head high

You know, women are such b*tches, they seriously are. Many of them are led by negative feelings and insecurities, and they just can’t help it. I guess it’s natural, I don’t judge – I have my own sites and vices I need to work on and yes, me too, I enjoy a little nasty comment from time to time, no big surprise. But damn, some of you b*tches seem to be too dumb to indulge in this little guilty pleasure that is stalking in the right way and that is something that kind of bugs me. For your sake, not mine. If you’re […]

No, I’m not

God guys, I totally forgot to talk about something that has been keeping me up at night for the last couple of weeks and I can’t explain how this could happen. Every time I stumble upon this horror, all I can think is Dear Rumi Neely – I need to talk to you. And don’t worry, even if I’d love to drop a couple of words about that body, too, I’m not gonna give in to my temptation and say something about the fact that you’re obviously glorifying a dangerous lifestyle to uncountable manipulable girls out there. But damn, if that was accepted… […]