All hail the queen

What an exciting time we live in. A time where the question Do you remember the moment when Beyoncé announced her pregnancy with twins? is almost as relevant as the question Do you remember what you were doing on 9/11, when the planes crashed into the towers? used to be. So…do you? I’m sure you know at least […]

What’s Gucci?

I know I’m totes late on this one, but can we quickly talk about the currently infamous Gucci shirt? In some ridiculous attempt to be a more cheery, less critical version of myself – new year, new me, blahblah – I have kept silent about it, even though of course I do have an opinion […]


It’s always hard for me to decide whether or not to cover things when they might be associated with political views which I don’t have or don’t want to debate – I know how the internet is: Especially people who haven’t been following you for a while and happen to take their first glance ever […]