Monthly Archives: May 2015


Hi, I’m Anna – a 25 year-old Russian heart with western influences. I obsess. Sometimes I obsess a lot more than I should and just can’t stop myself. I resolve, I promise, sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail. I know it’s normal and I believe it’s healthy sharing these things with other people, strangers and friends, as long as they are following on their free will. So now, after 25 years of constantly being told that communication and entertainment is kind of my thing, I have finally decided to do something with it. For the moment this only means sharing random snippets with the world wide web, kind of finding my place in this world that is somehow familiar but also kind of new to me. I’ve been flooding Instagram with a couple too many pictures for a while already and would now like to give more content to my obsessions. Girlcasm is about the love and the struggle of being a girl who has it all and still wants more. So please, feel free to follow along this virtual diary – or don’t. It’s up to you, that’s the beauty of this experiment – you’re kinda invited.

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