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Hashtag blessed

Is it just me or is everybody just so f*cking thankful these days? Everybody’s #blessed, everybody’s #thankful. Please excuse my French, but of course you’re f*cking blessed if you’re in the position to use a hashtag to describe a picture you deem interesting enough to share with the world. Seriously, though.

But is this really an expression of blessing? I’m so annoyed by this and I can’t be the only one. If you’re going to brag about something, why don’t you just do it openly? Everybody gets the message anyway, nobody will think you’re a humble human being – it’s the internet, after all. Everybody thinks it’s their right to judge anything and anyone anytime, anyplace, anyway. And let’s be honest – how many times have you already rolled your eyes over a picture of some of your distant facebook friend’s casual PJ flights? You’re not Paris Hilton, of course it’s not casual. You get the point.

That’s the same feeling people have when you tag blessed or thankful, people. You’re so vegan and everybody who enjoys an occasional steak is a monster while you’re so blessed to be in accord with nature – and everybody is so dumb for drinking milk, because in addition to being cruel, it also turns them into the fat pigs that they are. Everybody go eat bananas! Carb the fuck up! Be blessed!

Yes, if my boyfriend buys me flowers I make sure to take a picture of them and post it on Instagram and I know that there must be people that are annoyed by that. But at least I make no secret about the purpose of the picture. Life is good, there you go. Sometimes you’re in this position, the next moment you might not anymore but that doesn’t mean you can be happy for somebody else. I mean – if I see a picture of a girl at an amazing beach, wearing a cute bikini, sipping on a deliciously looking coconut and just f*cking own it, I’m the last one to hate, honestly – even if I am rotting in an office without AC while summer is happening outside. I can see you’re blessed and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, you go girl! Be blessed, be thankful – we really don’t mind. Just please don’t tag it. Think about it.

On this occasion I’d also like to do a quick shoutout to everybody spending three weeks in some less blessed part or our world, making sure to keep us posted via social media, introducing us to every single child you meet on your way. We get it. You’re Mother Theresa. Blessed.

Obsession is good for you, trust me.


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Don’t disturb me



Hi, it’s me with an update. I’m usually not a DIY kind of girl so I felt I should share this.

As I have already mentioned a couple of times, I tend to obsess over certain pieces. So much , I can’t stop thinking about them, it’s weird.

My latest obsession is a sun hat by Eugenia Kim. I never ever wear sun hats even though my mother would love me to do so because she’s scared of everything, including rays of sunlight at the beach. But this year, I’ll make her dream come true and wear one – she’s happy beyond words, no joke.

So I’ve come across this beatuy by Eugenia Kim in white, with ‚Do not disturb‘ written in sequins on it – FAHSION VICTIMS WILL KNOW!!! How much more me can it get? I fell in love immediately when seeing it in a window in a store in Zurich some while ago – I had to have it. I looked it up on the internet and BOOM – 450 CHF. Well that’s a bid, Eugenia, hit me quite hard. I do like to spend a lot of money on things that are pretty but this seemed a bit crazy for my student budget. But I mean, of course, I think the price works, it’s really a super cute idea, why would you just give it away. It’s nice quality as well.

Anyway, I still couldn’t stop thinking about it, silently weeping about it. And then I thought – why not just make it yourself? I went to H&M, bought a white sun hat, bought dark grey sequins, glue, a dark grey silk ribbon (I think anthracite is more pretty than black) and made my own version of it – and I am beyond pleased. I love it, can’t wait to wear it. I’m not good with hats. I have a huge head and I always look stupid. But I don’t care. I’ll f*cking own it.

I am not going to share the steps of the DIY, because I think it’s quite clear – if it’s not clear to you, well then you should probably look for less demanding reading anyway?

If I ever come across a better sun hat – this was just a quick and lazy shot – I will sew the sequins on it because it’ll look way prettier from a closer range, of course. But for the moment I am really happy with the result. And I have saved 430 CHF. I am a little bit proud, I must say.

So I hope you like the idea and maybe get inspired to do a little DIY yourself – I think this will not be my last one. It was quite fun feeling a little artsy and smart and creative – I’ll make sure to Keep you posted on Instagram. Thank god I’ll never be good enough to make my own Chanel bags, otherwise I would probably lock myself in my own atlier and never leave it because I’d have to Keep up with every season and those long gone… But then again, it’s probably more fun to spend a crazy amount on such a bag and treasure it forever, anyway.

Anywayyyyy, thank you Eugenia – I will definitely remember your adorable hats for the time when I start to earn good money 🙂

Obsession is good for you, trust me.




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Of caviar and catfish

My boyfriend had to work a couple hundred of kilometers away from me this weekend so I figured – why not say a quick word about jealousy?

I am the jealous type. I’m not proud of it, certainly not, and I always think to myself that it shouldn’t be that way but I just can’t help it. I was single for a very long time because I was very picky about every aspect of my male counterpart so now that I have found that one guy in the whole wide world that has it all, of course I am not just taking him for granted and I’m not sure I ever will. I know that relationships should be based on trust and blablabla and I do trust him – I just can’t stand other people looking at things that are not their business. What’s mine is mine. Did I mention I’m Russian?

So sometimes, mostly after not seeing my boyfriend for let’s say more than five days, I go full Russian and can get really crazy for no real reason – there’s just something that tells me I should be worried about something. It might be something he says, he does, the people he follows on Instagram – I know, I know – or, most of the time, just something from our past that I remember. And boom! there I go and can’t stop myself. I get really mad, and hurt and I feel betrayed and I swear I might hurt the person that I think is responsible for the situation – somebody he’s had contact with at some point – if she was to be in the same room with me. Luckily, they are always far away and until today I could always stop myself from contacting them and telling them what I thought of their sl*t faces.

It can last for up to a whole day until I wake up the next morning and sometimes I ask myself if I am the only one that feels and reacts that way. Because the thing is, it’s a really strange kind of jealousy. It’s not jealousy as much as it is incredulity and a feeling of offense because I mostly feel like comparing caviar with catfish. Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana, if you know what I mean. I’m not an arrogant person and I tend to be insecure about the most stupid things but I do have a certain sense of what I bring to the table and can get offended quite easily by the taste my boyfriend used to have. Eww. I mean eww. I really hope you read this and know that I am talking about you because I wish I could say it to your face. And I’m not talking about my boyfriend.

So, I don’t know if you share this thought or not, but if I ever get cheated on – knock on wood – I really wish it’s somebody who’s more classy, intelligent, fun and pretty as I am, otherwise somebody will have to die. Now I’m talking about my boyfriend.


Obsession is good for you, trust me.




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