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I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of getting old and reaching that age where the list of things that I want to have is more and more filling up with things to make my home pretty instead of just my face or closet. Like what plead matches my carpet, does it go with the cushions I bought before and what can I put up on that wall over there? Since recently, the same goes for tableware and here’s who I have to blame for that: Maria Lorez and her online store Tauta-Home.

If you’ve been following me for a while, the reason why I instantly fell in love with her pieces is kind of obvious: colors. I lurve colors. And look at how many different ones she’s using for her products. Kind of dangerous, if you tend to collect things – you’ll want to have them all.

And there’s more to it: All of her designs, ranging from tableware to chairs and other things to bring color to your home, are handmade, in collaboration with artisans from Maria’s home country Colombia. Besides buying something you’ll love eating from or just staring at, you’ll be supporting fair production conditions.

Now that we know where that striking vitality that caught my attention is coming from, let’s have a closer look at what I’m craving from the current collections besides ALL of the tableware – as inspiration for you and as a hint to everybody who’s wondering what to get me as a random act of kindness:

If you’re old school like me, you’ll prefer to touch things and have a close look at them before you buy them. Well, people from and around Zurich, I have good news for you: Just in time for your Christmas gift shopping, there’s a Tauta-Home pop up store in Zurich, which will be open until mid-December. If you miss out on this opportunity, you’ll still be able to have a closer look at her pieces at the Weihnachtsdorf in Zurich, where they’ll be present from the 9th until the 23rd of December. The thought alone makes me excited for Christmas time. I strongly advise you to visit it if you or somebody you love has a thing for colors, too.

You can find the pop-up store at Schoffelgasse 3, 8001 Zurich and you just might find me there too, one day or another, not being able to choose from the selection. What do you think?

You need new tableware, trust me.


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Project mum

It’s been a long while since I last posted a DIY, and this is for a special reason: I’m not going to lie, this one here took me FOREVER. Let’s read about the why…

One day, I had the idea of knitting something. I don’t now why, I just wanted to. I had learned how to knit and crochet in first class, which is about 20 years ago, so of corse I didn’t remember how to do it…but how hard could it be?


I had the genius idea to knit my mother a sweater for her birthday. You know, something from the heart, something I put a lot of work in and something I could just create the way I want to.

Well, well, well.

Equipped with a lot of enthusiasm and a sh*tload of confidence, I went to buy knitting needles and thread – pure new wool, super soft and natural – and started to watch tutorial after to tutorial. You know, some watch contouring tutorials, others check out how to knit a sweater, no big deal.

Anyway, so it took granny quite a while to get back on track. I started with the hardest pattern, of course I did, because why would I start with something basic if I can start high and fall all the way down?

Exactly what I did. After, let’s say, 10 attempts? I realized that this was not going to look the way I had pictured it, so I decided to be happy with the most basic way to knit. So far, so good. Took me only another forever to start over and over again because it didn’t look good, not regular enough.

After having knitted almost a whole front part of a sweater – I repeat, FOREVER – I broke into crazy laughter and realized that my work looked nothing like what I wanted my mother to wear. What did I do? Exactly. I unraveled that stupid thing like I hadn’t worked on it for a couple of nights.

Let’s make the rest of it short: I decided to make a scarf and had the same story all over again, only at this point I knew I had to be able to finish it so when I did another major mistake, I just ignored it and kept on knitting. Because I had a plan. I would just add a couple of decorative glitter lines that it looked like I had never planned it any differently.

I can’t say that it turned out as unbelievably beautiful as the sweater that I had first pictured, but you know. It comes from the heart, it is 100% natural, no synthetic thread, it’s super cosy and at the end, it will do it’s job as fiercely as the one who created it. I’m sure of that.

With this DIY I did not want to show you how to knit – let me google that for you – I just wanted to give you another impulse for your own DIY projects. No matter how lazy or untalented you think you are, you too can make something with your own hands and be happy about it. It’s not like I have too much time on my hands and just sit around and knit and sew, but I love to keep myself occupied while I’m forced to watch tv with somebody…

So, do you think you’ll do some knitting in the near future? If you think that’s something for grannies and/or babies, that’s ok too – just let me know.

If I can do it, so can you, trust me.



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Money money money

I’ve been thinking about money a lot lately. I have just turned 26 and am not only slowly but surely approaching the age of being kinda old, I’m also in the last months of my master’s degree, meaning I’ll switch from moaning about uni to complaining about my boss in no time. Werk, werk, werk, werk, werk, werk.

Money is a bad topic. Nobody ever talks about it and if somebody does, people don’t react nicely. Like…money is not the most important thing in life. Health is. Family is. Following your passion and stuff. Well…being the daughter of a crazy-healthy mother, of course I do agree that nothing beats health, family and friends. But passion…you know, passion has its limits.

When looking for a job, I think it’s kind of delusional to put passion first, because yes, find what you love and never work a single day – but also, how long will you love ‘not working’ if it leaves you with nothing but passion? What if money is your real passion, after all? Or let’s say – the things it can buy. If you ask me, I’m kind of passionate about not starving and not having to think about the smallest investments a hundred times.

So what was my passion, some time ago, anyway? Why fashion, of course. Just like many ordinary girls out there, me too, I went from teacher to singer to fashion-something. First I wanted to be a designer, but since I’m a rather realistic person, I soon realized that sadly, I didn’t have the inexhaustible vision it takes to keep up with the world’s insatiable appetite for more, season by season. I went on to be more realistic, thinking that I could be a valuable member of the communication department of basically any high-fashion company selling girly dreams. I was convinced I would find my calling there – living in Milano, Paris or New York, being chic for a living… or so I thought. And why not, right? After all, everybody who is working in the world of fashion is only talking about how beautiful everything is. Being surrounded by the things everybody’s going crazy for, day by day? Yep, sounds amaze. And how arrogant some of them tend to be about it…

But damn, do you know how much these people earn? Antic.

I’m not about having a sh*tload of money. I’m absolutely fine with not traveling in PJs, sporting a croc Birkin, painted by my youngest child. But how glam is it to work for a company, promote stuff you can’t really afford, because you earn barely enough to keep up an ok lifestyle? Serious question.

Because every time I see some fashion journalist on Instagram showing off pieces they are shooting for some story, talking about how perfect such and such shoes and bags are, I can’t help but think to myself that not being able to maintain a decent standard of all aspects in life is kind of not glamorous at all. It-bag vs extensive health insurance. Killer heels vs healthy produce. Must-haves vs a nice flat. Investment vs investment.

Same goes for seemingly famous bloggers, starving models and many many positions in fashion. I know it’s not a sexy thing to talk about, but sadly, most of us will have to trade certain things for others, depending on what is important to them.

I guess what I wanted to say is that we should stop glorifying the idea of working in the dazzling world of fashion. It’s ok to work for a company that is neither glam nor aloof. And it’s also ok to give money a certain value in life. In the end everything should be in balance and if you can align that with your passion, that’s great. But you should take everything into account that might be important, even if it doesn’t seem to be adding to your pleasure or your appearance – granted you have the possibility.

Any passion you would follow if it wasn’t for your greedy personality? Let me know.

All that glitters is not glam, trust me.



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There’s something I have wanted to be mean about for a long long while now – not urgently, but quite consistently – which is why today I bring to you: a casual couple of words on photoshoots.

To clarify what I’m talking about: not the kind of shoots where Gigi Hadid casually looks like the most beautiful creature that has ever set foot on this unworthy planet just by being who she is. Not the ones that give GQ reason to call Bella Hadid model of the year. I’m talking about the ones you do at your village photographer of confidence, just to dump ten pictures  – with the exact same setting but slightly changing position of hand, a couple of them in color, a couple black and white ones – on your Facebook profile. Thank you so much, my feed wouldn’t be complete without you.

Now before somebody is captious enough to address the elephant in the room, I’ll quickly do it for you: Yes, me too, I take selfies, I force the boy to take pictures of my outfits and I even descend to capturing them myself when he is not around, taking a picture of my reflection in the mirror. Who am I to judge, right?

Well, I beg to differ. While yes, this is a legitimate objection and yes, those kind of pictures certainly attract a considerable number of weird creeps from Tunisia and other random countries, there’s another problem I have when I see examples of those kinds of ‘photoshoots’.

You let other people take pictures as a reminder of your youth, your beauty, whatever. That’s great. I support that, actually. We live in a time where everybody just takes uncountable pictures a day and deletes them the other day because they have become worthless, something everybody can take with a smartphone. Sometimes I think how sad it is that I have literally no pictures from the last couple of years because I didn’t like myself at that time and because I didn’t give such memories too much meaning. It’s good to have memories, also physical ones and more of us should consider having a shoot every couple of years, just to make sure we have something to show our grandkids or whoever else will be interested in knowing what we looked like, a couple of decades from now.

But damn, why do they need to become subject of your profile picture, cover photo and every other upload months from now? And why do they need to be as staged as possible? Hashtag tbt, hashtag shoot, hashtag modeling – caption reading something like ‘Thank you XY for this great shooting, it was so much fun, can’t wait to do it again, you’re really the best at capturing me clearly overrating my own modeling qualities <3’.

Yes, I’m a bitch, but every time I see somebody uploading such pictures, I just can’t take that person seriously anymore. The idea of having somebody take completely unnatural pictures of yourself, just so you feel beautiful – isn’t it incredibly sad? Fish pout – you know, those lips slightly pursed, slightly open – hand placed in a completely unnatural way, either gazing in some far away corner, clearly absorbed in thought, or throwing some insanely sexy eyes straight into the camera. I have even seen girls take on that one typical model pose, you know, the one where you place your hands somewhere far above the hips, on your ribcage and bend over, like a cat making a hump. Weird hairdos, crazy make up. Or another classic – bikini shoots at the beach, ‘lasciviously’ lying on the beach, thinking you just showed Shakira what real fire is.

Wow. How do you even do it? I mean ignoring the overwhelming feeling of embarrassment that clearly has to be flowing up when you upload such things, for one, questionable reason only.

I actually know these pictures so well because the boy, long before we were together, used to like the shit out of them, leaving my feed full with such artistic masterpieces. Men are simple, what can I say – but basing your whole confidence and self-esteem on likes and comments like WOW, you look beautiful in that completely staged and photoshopped shoot, I don’t know…

You’re not a model. Not on social media, not in real life. And you now what? That’s ok. You have other things to offer. Do yourself the favor and let them capture other sides of you, the real ones, so one day you won’t have to find an explanation for why are you doing this thing with your back there, grandma?

You’re better than that, trust me.



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Kenzo o o

The Kenzo x H&M collab is about to launch, fashionistas around the globe are preparing to wet their pants waiting in line in front of the store November 3rd. It seems to be kind of an affair of honor to join in the craze around the concept of renowned designers teaming up with one of the cheapest stores there is, in order to give those who don’t usually spend their money on brands a little piece of that cake.

I get it. Last time, when Balmain x H&M came out, I was one of those, too. I mean…instead of waiting in front of an H&M I asked slash forced the boy to try and get the pieces I liked, but you know, close enough. It actually worked out, believe it or not, and without too much stress I got two of the pieces that I liked. I highly recommend this way of limited edition hunting – I think it brings out the instinct of a man to impress you, which is why he’ll be even more savage than you could ever be, trying to rip those pieces out of the hands of the hordes of annoying predator girls.

Anyway, from this experience I can say that the quality of those collabs is actually really good. I got the dark green suede pants and I couldn’t have complained if it wasn’t for the fact that I just don’t have the legs for cool pants. Never have, never will, which is why they had to go. The green sequin dress was the bomb, too – I didn’t wear it though, because again, it was too small and it’s still with me, all tags attached etc, in case you’re interested. Note to myself: Do not buy 36 when you’re actually a 38.

But this time…I bet you have an idea where this is going…this time, I kinda don’t get it.

You can say I’m a huge-ish fan of Kenzo. I obviously love them for their colors and I was one of those who had to have their tiger sweater when it came out, back in… 2013?

But did you see the pictures of their collection for H&M? Dayumn. And not in a good way.

I mean…I love a bold outfit and I totally get that fashion is about fun and not about always being up to date with whatever Zara and everybody else is throwing at us but a green tiger overall? Really?

No, I mean, really? And it doesn’t stop here. It’s an absolute explosion of elements that are hard to describe. They say too much of a good thing is not enough but, honestly, I just can’t wrap my head around this. I’ll just let some of my fav pieces speak for themselves:

I can see these being a fun option for a stay at a very sad, comfortless 1* Hotel – the ones where you’re happy to avoid any kind of contact with the dingy carpets that leave you breathless for so many reasons. Not for 100 dollars, though…

Kind of reminds me of my cultural roots, good old Mama Russia. I bet I could find two or three people there who’d be willing to wear this. Not for 70 dollars, though.

This, like other pieces too, would have been a great option for some freaky Halloween costume – unfortunately the collection launches a couple of days after the holidays… 130 everybody.

Reminds me of a that dinosaur series for kids when I was young, the one with the fugly, scary puppets. 100 dollars right there.

Not to sound too mean, but this is something for a rave, maybe or a bar you visit in secret. You can say that 50 dollars is an ok price.

Something Lady Gaga would enjoy. 50 dollars and it’s yours.

Matching whore boots, if you’re really really digging this look. 300 dollars. Let that sink in.

A funky doormat, worth a 250 dollars, apparently.

Here’s whole combo. You’re welcome. 200 all together.

And what is this? I swear I’d be scared if I met somebody on the street, pulling this off. 50 dollars worth of creeps.

And finally, there’s actually one thing I could see myself wearing. Maybe. One time. But not for 300 dollars, sorry:

Keep in mind: this was just a selection. There’s more of where I got this, you can find it all on – knock yourself out.

I don’t mean to be boring and if you’re digging this then by all means, go for it – I don’t think that you’ll have too many problems getting your fingers on these pieces, judging from 99,9% of the b/w Instagram profiles I see every day.

Personally, I think it’s a missed opportunity to give us something cool and wearable – I know that they would have been capable of it. What do you think?

Too much of a good thing can be too much, trust me.



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I repeat: all pics found on

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