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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been kind of offline for a couple of days over the Holidays. If you’ve noticed – that’s probably a good sign, you’ve been missing something, whether you like to admit it or not. If you haven’t, then it probably just proves the point of my absence: nobody cares about how many dinners you had with your family, what you had to eat, to drink and how your Christmas tree looked – except if you’re Evgeni Plushenko, owner of a tree as fugly as 2016:

I didn’t have a special reason to be M.I.A. I just needed a little break, you know? From everything. Uni, reality, social media and whatever else that is taking freedom away from me, day by day. And then I had this thought – isn’t Christmas traditionally family time, anyway? Not let me snap that time? I know, shocking, but I kept to it.

To answer all of the questions that might have arisen in the meantime:

Rest assured, I did gain a little weight over the Holidays. Of course, like you, I had too much to eat a couple of days in a row. Hang loose. Treat yourself and all that. I also had a couple of drinks. Some bubbly, even, even though I didn’t let you know by posing with it – I’m sorry. Did I get some presents? Yes. I didn’t open them while sitting under the Christmas tree, hence no visual proof for you, you must understand. I did dress up a bit, though. On the first night, at least. The other nights I went from comfy to maybe a little sloppy. Because that’s how we do it, my family and I.

I guess that’s all you need to know about my Christmas, isn’t it? Amazing. Just like that, I managed to catch up on all the hours I didn’t spend with you during those couple of days. To be fair, I only trusted you guys to be without me for such an unusual period of time because I knew that there were enough Insta-whores out there to keep you entertained in case you needed your fix of stereotype snapshots over the Holidays.

Don’t worry though, I’m not here to make some dramatic hypocritical statement about how social media is not life and how offline is the new luxury. But I do have to admit that it was a little amazing, not thinking about my phone and all. I might make it a semi-regular habit or something. Nothing too strict. I’m still an addict, after all.

There’s another thing my time off made me realize, which you’ll probably find as obnoxious as all of the above: breaking out of your routine once in a while is nice – whatever it might be.

For me it was my habit of sharing every single step of the day with you, via various channels – not exactly a routine I’m in the position to complain about, I know. You’re absolutely right if you say that nobody is forcing my sad attention-whoring self to do this.

But I’m talking about routine in general. Whatever it is that you’re doing every single day – I’m not saying it’s all bad, I’m saying you might want to give yourself a break from it, even if it’s just for a couple of days. Let yourself miss it. Let yourself miss some people. Let people miss you (I got a couple of messages, believe it or not). You might even end up missing that chore you hate so much, for whatever twisted reason. Impossible is nothing.

I think it’s a good resolution, if you absolutely have to have one – a combination of to take nothing for granted and to take nothing too seriously. Your imaginary friends on social media won’t miss you too much if you decide to cut the updates from time to time, just as your grades won’t fall dramatically if you decide to give yourself a little break during the Holidays – which is another exciting breakout I’m allowing myself for another couple of days.

Do you have a routine you can see yourself taking a break from? Let me know.

Have a break, trust me.



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Coats coats coats

Did you know that I do posts on request? Because I do. Whether it’s a personal question you’d like me to debate or a rant you can’t find the words to make – I’m here for you, just drop me a message at 🙂

The other day, after talking about my coat problem on Snap, I was asked to pick some SALE coats for you guys. So if you’ve been looking to make a good deal that keeps you warm – this is your sign.

Personally, I think a coat is something worth spending more on – I don’t believe in H&M or Asos. I swear on Burberry, because they always make you look elegant and don’t go out of style, if you ask me. I have coats that I have now been wearing for the 8th winter in a row and am planning to wear for another couple of years – beat that.

For this reason, I have put the limit for this piece to 1’500€ – which doesn’t mean that I haven’t picked a couple of more affordable pieces. But see for yourself:

1 – 500€

If you’re looking for a pink, fluffy, cozy coat: EDITED – 139€

If you’re looking for a classic: IVY & Oak – 199€

If you’re looking for some white fluff, not too warm though: J.Crew – 238€

I like a pop of red, it makes almost everybody look pretty: Harris Wharf London – 250€

LOVE!!! this one here. The color, the cut: Carven – 322€

A little pink, for the brave: Lala Berlin – 349€

Love this color as well: Lala Berlin – 349€

Absolutely love this one here: Blugirl – 453€

Simple, with a girly twist – love: J.Crew – 469€

If you’re the bomber type of girl, this one here is pretty cool: Acne – 490€

501 – 1000€

Simple and fluffy: Lala Berlin – 519€

A real steal – so delicate: Bally – 530€

Another color pop I love: J.Crew – 568€

Cute floral detail: I’m Isola Marras – 574€

A little drama for you: P.A.R.O.S.H. – 615€

Super fun: Mother – 632€

Another classic: Joseph – 666€

Classic with a little rock ‘n’ roll: J.W.Anderson – 694€

A little hello from my Russian taste: Giada Benincasa – 897€

Classic, simple: Helmut Lang – 920€

1001 – 1500€

I know this is rather a warm blazer, but this color! so pretty: Stella McCartney – 1095€

Candy meets classic: Etro – 1099€

Looooove this one here – so fun: Anya Hindmarch – 1256€

Colorful but still not too much, if you ask me: Etro – 1365€

And in case you’re looking for a little shearling to keep you warm: Karl Donoghue – 1475€

I found an awful lot of coats, huh? Not sure if this huge selection makes it any easier for you and also I know that my mother will not agree with most of those here, because not all of them are long enough to cover most of your legs – but maybe there’s something you fell in love with at first sight? Let me know! xoxo

Whatever topic you’d like me to cover, I’ll do it for you – trust me.


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If there’s one thing I hate in this world – and I know, what a nice world must I live in – it’s pet names. Not per se, but those disgusting standardized ones – honey, darling, baby, babe, or as the German say Schatz, Süsse, you name it. You can keep them. Shove them up somebody else’s tushy, mine has standards.

It’s simple: as with anything else in this world, whatever comes custom-made is desirable – the rest is just food for the masses. What might sound arrogant at first – and frankly, of course not feasible in daily consumption, for me either – shouldn’t sound too wrong at second thought, thinking about somebody you really care about. So stop the babe’s and honey’s and don’t accept them in return. You’re better than that. Or how do you think did he call that c*nt he was dating before he met you and all of those he tindered three years ago, not long after matching them? Exactly. Eww.

I don’t even know why I have to talk about this – I can’t be the only one noticing this? It sends shivers down my spine whenever I hear people using such names on their partners. I find it so cringe-worthy. And when they use it on me – it’s over. I instantly feel repulsion. You and me, we’re not meant to be.

And yet, I know people, even friends, who are in fact using such names. On a daily basis. As if there was nothing wrong with it. Friends. I can’t. It’s like they say…imagine you’re falling in love with somebody and find out that he claps at the end of a flight. That’s how I feel about those names. I can’t.

Call me a pigeonholing bitch, but when I hear you use such names, I instantly feel like I know a great deal about you. I imagine that your social media nickname is your first name underline en vogue and that it’s about time that you die that nasty hair line of yours. Your idea of interior design is probably hanging a huge Prada Marfa sign somewhere in your flat and you and your BFF have a couple of matching outfits, because you’re dreaming of the same things, anyway. Instagram is full of such girls, calling other girls they don’t know all of those names, as if they were super close – and you’re probably one of them. So not en f*cking vogue.

I know it might not everybody’s idea of romance, but as I have already mentioned a couple of times here, the boy calls me short legs. Because of my short-ass legs. And I love it. Not the fact that I haven’t been blessed with VS Angles legs (and other body parts), but the fact that it’s me. It’s what makes me feel close when he walks and I have to walk faster in order to keep up with his longer steps. Call me crazy, but I’d much rather be called short legs than any other typical pet name.

And I call him Wursti, which is German and like a belittled version of sausage. Not because of his third leg, but because of the fact that we both like to eat and I like to make fun about the fact that you can see it. Nothing dramatic, just for the sake of the name. I could never call him honey or whatever. It just never would transport the same feeling.

Before you look down your nose at me: I’m not saying that you should call your special someone equally unsexy, even if affectionate names. This is probably an extreme example. But affection comes in all forms and sizes and don’t you think your special someone deserves a special name, something you haven’t called others before, whatever it might be?

I’d love to hear the names you call your loved ones and the story behind them – leave me a note! xoxo

You might be a babe, but you’re not babe, trust me.


P.s.: I do know that many of my readers will probably disagree, but as usual: please don’t be offended, read my disclaimer first. If you agree, why don’t you visit @girlcasm on Facebook? xoxo

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If you’re following on Snapchat – HINT, it’s a HINT – you definitely know that I’m a very natural aka, let’s be honest, lazy person. I don’t use too many products, not when it comes to make up and not when it comes to face care in general, which I know is bad but it’s just not my thing. Mostly because I often feel like products either have too much artificial stuff added or because they are ‘complicated’ to apply or because they just don’t feel right on my skin. Sticky, oily, heavy, meh.

And I think you can see it. It’s not a secret: my skin is my problem. I feel like it looks a lot worse than it should at the age of 26. It should be glowing. Plump and rosy. An occasional pimple is ok, I’m not aiming at being perfect – I just don’t want it to look sad. But it does. And that sucks.

N-ee-way. Personal whining aside: If you, like me, are past the age of 25 years, life is basically over. From a skin perspective. You’re getting old. It’s unstoppable. Bye-bye carefree life. You better stop smoking and drinking (alcohol) and start the drinking (water) and sleeping. And applying.

For some funny reason – I swear, somebody must have watched me on Snapchat and thought I needed help, urgently – I got a little something a couple of days/weeks ago. And what can I say…it looked interesting enough for me to try and I feel like I kinda don’t regret it, which is why I’d like to share it with you: the Bobbi Brown Remedies collection – a pharmacy for your skin, a fusion of beauty and wellness.

The Remedies collection includes six different products, each for different problems a girl can have with her skin: dry skin, damaged skin, tired skin, wrinkles, redness, you name it. Do you believe in coincidence? I don’t, which is why I was hooked – but only after reading about its ingredients: shea butter,  bees wax, green algae, etc. I must admit that I tend to fall for anything seemingly natural.

The good news is: the products feel exactly the way they sound – I got to try the Skin Relief No 80 and the Skin Salve No 57 and turned out using them twice – on a daily basis. Not oily, not heavy, super fresh and with just a little hint of some very delicate aroma.

The Skin Relief No 80  Remedy contains red algae complex and seaweed extract, aiming to help stressed skin, prone to redness and irritation. Sensitive skin will be eased and strengthened. As this is exactly how I feel about my face and what I’m worried about, it is perfect for me.

The Skin Salve No 57 Remedy is made of shea butter, bees wax, curcuma and licorice extract. It nourishes and renews skin, especially helpful with damaged, dry skin. It’s like a breathable patch, which feels really really good, especially with the current cold temperatures.

I can not speak for the other products, but I am keen to try all of them, actually. I’m especially happy with the Skin Salve – I don’t want to miss it anymore, at least in winter. Let’s hope I won’t use it up before January next year, when Remedies will hit the stores. If you’re intrigued enough, I believe you can already order it on the internet.

I never know if you guys are interested in beauty talk or not – you seemed to be very keen about the Benefit giveaway but nobody ever asks about more beauty topics. Please let me know if you’d like me to talk about it more or if I should remove it from the blog all together 🙂

You should consider the Skin Salve, trust me.



P.s.: Always happy to hear your feedback – here, on Facebook or via mail.


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You better watch out, you better not cry

Excuse me for a sec, I gotta get real about a true problem here: Is it just me or is a watch literally the last thing you currently desire? I know, moving – but seriously?

Everywhere I look – and yes, I know, it seems like I only mean Instagram with this, but – all I see is watches. Daniel Wellington here, Cluse there, Rosefield watches, Henry watches, watches, watches, watches. F*cking leave me alone already. Enough.

It’s been months, maybe years – or is it longer? It’s scary, but I don’t recall what life was like before I had to look at badly staged pictures of watches, shoved in my face together with a promo code. Yes, it’s Christmas, but DW seems to have a dedicated code for any kind of day, any kind of blogger. And it’s not just them, other brands are slowly starting to get as omnipresent as them. Annoying.

You could argue that yes, it’s smart – they are everywhere, everybody knows who they are and some might even get the feeling that they need one of these watches, too. I mean I guess that this concept is really working for them, otherwise they wouldn’t go on and on and on with it.

But I kinda feel bad about them. Like I overindulged on candy, to put it politely. I can’t see them anymore. They make me sick. I don’t want to be dramatic, but I am seriously annoyed when I see somebody wearing one of them. Ugh, not you, too.

And when I see a blogger wearing them, all I can think of is – you cheap traitor. Sold your soul. To the rats of the wrists. For what?

I’d never take one of them. Never ever. Not as a gift, not to promote it, not even for money. I’d feel like I was wearing a piece of merchandise, a freebie. I wouldn’t go walking around with a Happy Meal watch, would I?

And buy it for myself? No way. I would feel dumb. Everybody seems to be getting them for free – why should I be the only idiot who actually buys it? I’ll just have to wait my turn, get a couple more followers or something. This is not something you buy, it’s something you wait to get thrown at. Patience is a virtue.

This is not an angry essay of an unsuccessful blogger who’s vainly waiting for a watch company to approach her. It’s also not an arrogant comment of somebody who’s staring at her Rolex while typing these words – I don’t, I’m wearing a simple no name watch which I actually stole from my mother because I liked it so much.

But while I’m at it…You know what kind of watches some of the Swiss bloggers are currently getting? A Baume et Mercier Petite Promesse. Now these girls are smart. Call me a superficial snitch, but I wouldn’t say no to this one. What a beaut.

I know this is a sensitive topic because I know that I probably know a couple of people who own such a watch, without me knowing, and love it. Please excuse the opinion.

All I want for Christmas is that watch I keep seeing all over my phone…said nobody ever, trust me.


P.s.: Please don’t be offended, consult my disclaimer instead. If you get what @girlcasm is all about, why don’t you give it a like on Facebook? xoxo

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