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Sometimes things are just too expensive and easy enough to copy yourself. The aim of this category is to provide you with DIY-ideas which you can easily do at home, even if you don’t consider yourself too talented at this. I wasn’t exactly born for this, either.

Project mum

It’s been a long while since I last posted a DIY, and this is for a special reason: I’m not going to lie, this one here took me FOREVER. Let’s read about the why…

One day, I had the idea of knitting something. I don’t now why, I just wanted to. I had learned how to knit and crochet in first class, which is about 20 years ago, so of corse I didn’t remember how to do it…but how hard could it be?


I had the genius idea to knit my mother a sweater for her birthday. You know, something from the heart, something I put a lot of work in and something I could just create the way I want to.

Well, well, well.

Equipped with a lot of enthusiasm and a sh*tload of confidence, I went to buy knitting needles and thread – pure new wool, super soft and natural – and started to watch tutorial after to tutorial. You know, some watch contouring tutorials, others check out how to knit a sweater, no big deal.

Anyway, so it took granny quite a while to get back on track. I started with the hardest pattern, of course I did, because why would I start with something basic if I can start high and fall all the way down?

Exactly what I did. After, let’s say, 10 attempts? I realized that this was not going to look the way I had pictured it, so I decided to be happy with the most basic way to knit. So far, so good. Took me only another forever to start over and over again because it didn’t look good, not regular enough.

After having knitted almost a whole front part of a sweater – I repeat, FOREVER – I broke into crazy laughter and realized that my work looked nothing like what I wanted my mother to wear. What did I do? Exactly. I unraveled that stupid thing like I hadn’t worked on it for a couple of nights.

Let’s make the rest of it short: I decided to make a scarf and had the same story all over again, only at this point I knew I had to be able to finish it so when I did another major mistake, I just ignored it and kept on knitting. Because I had a plan. I would just add a couple of decorative glitter lines that it looked like I had never planned it any differently.

I can’t say that it turned out as unbelievably beautiful as the sweater that I had first pictured, but you know. It comes from the heart, it is 100% natural, no synthetic thread, it’s super cosy and at the end, it will do it’s job as fiercely as the one who created it. I’m sure of that.

With this DIY I did not want to show you how to knit – let me google that for you – I just wanted to give you another impulse for your own DIY projects. No matter how lazy or untalented you think you are, you too can make something with your own hands and be happy about it. It’s not like I have too much time on my hands and just sit around and knit and sew, but I love to keep myself occupied while I’m forced to watch tv with somebody…

So, do you think you’ll do some knitting in the near future? If you think that’s something for grannies and/or babies, that’s ok too – just let me know.

If I can do it, so can you, trust me.



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DIY: Pom-pom-pom

You know how you sometimes check your closet and f*cking hate every piece of clothing it hides – like, with a passion? How do I deserve such a boring pile of clothes? Who even made me buy all of these? Why can’t I just swap all of it with a bunch of Chanel bags and Valentino dresses? I HATE ALL OF YOU, DO YOU HEAR ME??? 

That’s me, every single day.

Having one of my daily fits, one day my eyes fell on this poor Zara blouse. What a tacky piece of boredom you are, I thought to myself, about to rip it from the hanger, tear it with my teeth and throw it in the trash. Stupid relict of pastel-obsessed days. You look like stale salad tastes. 

But you know how sometimes your DNA catches up with you and you suddenly bethink yourself of your roots? I’m too much of a jew to throw a perfectly fine blouse away. I mean, there was a time when I had probably spent 20 euros on it – and never worn it. For a good reason.

Sell it? No way, ever heard of revenue and expense? Also, it’s see-through and I know the boy loves anything that involves a sneaky insight.

Experiment it is. Exciting. I went to buy pompoms in various colors, quickly decided to go for a green-purple combo and got going.

I’m not gonna lie – it took for f*cking ever to sew all of them on. If you follow me on Snapchat @chaotete – hint, hint – you might have noticed. Really. It took me so long. I didn’t count them, but this is obviously a matter of preference. Use as many as you wish – but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I would still classify this DIY as a lazy slash easy one. I did it while watching TV with the boy, just like my previous ones. It also didn’t involve a lot of material or stuff you can’t find easily. It’s pretty cheap as well. To everybody in Switzerland: I bought the pompoms at Coop.

So go on kids, try this at home. I am absolutely sure you have a neglected blouse at home and if you don’t, Zara will always have your back for boring pieces – just check your typical Instagram account for hauls. You can also go for your black and white combo, of course – I’m not forcing anyone to like colors. I repeat: you don’t have to leave your comfort zone.

Being lazy is ok, trust me.




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DIY: clown jacket

I fail at basic. Always have, always will. It’s not for me – at least when it comes to clothes.

I’ve been looking for THE perfect denim jacket since forever and wasn’t able to find it. They always seem to have a tacky washing, a weird-ass cut or a ridiculous price tag. A little bit like women, when you think of it.

At some point I did what I always do when I kind of want something but don’t want it enough: I went to H&M, my personal place of horror. I know I’m a b*tch but shopping there really costs me quite some effort because it’s such a mess most of the time. Obviously I’m not blessed with Fendi-money either – otherwise I wouldn’t even consider DIY – but rummaging through poor-quality clothes together with a bunch of sweaty basics….eww, not a fav activity of mine. But you know, sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do – even if she knows that her heart’s not gonna be in it for a long while.

Exactly what happened. I found a jacket that was just tiny enough to not make me look like a bulky gnome, didn’t come in a disgusting washing and cost about… 15CHF I think. Don’t these prices make you feel uncomfortable? I mean, I have Jewish blood but even I can’t help but think if that can really be fair for every party involved…

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I ended up buying it and treating it like a stepchild ever since. I was ok with it, I took it out for walks sometimes, but it was never my baby and I never loved it, which is a very unsatisfying feeling, let me tell you. I hate wearing things just for the sole purpose of keeping warm or dressed.


Which is why I decided to give it a makeover. A simple one which I could do manually, since I haven’t bought a sewing machine yet. Something colorful but not too flashy, just on the verge of tacky. Something fun.

If you know my header, you know that I think that pink, orange, green and yellow are a perfect match. Together with gold – super fun.

So I bought two meters of all colors, just to be safe, and four meters of the gold ribbon and just sew them on where I thought fitting. I also thought about adding pom poms but the boy was in horror and told me that my jacket looked like a clown jacket already. I also thought about stars or tacky decorative stones… but you know, sometimes I do listen to his advice.

So let me present to you, my new fun jacket. I think I like it. It’s not like it’s super special but it’s colorful and personalized, so it’s definitely more me than before. Also it’s an easy DIY idea which you can do while watching TV. I might add more at some point.

And now it’s your turn – go ahead and spice that basic jacket you have up. Even if you find this particular version fugly, there are many more options, you just have to see what works for you. And send me a picture if you do so!!

Clothes shouldn’t just keep you warm, trust me.



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Sometimes it’s ok to be cheap

It’s hard having an expensive taste, let me tell you. It’s not something you choose, it just lives in you and never lets go of you, no matter where you are. It has nothing to do with brands, it’s an aura that captures you and not only makes you fancy things, it makes you obsess about certain objects.

Long story short: it f*cking sucks because I don’t have a wallet that fits my needs. Especially now that I’m back to uni, I really should get my sh*t together – and keep it together. After all now it’s no longer my own money that I’m spending on stuff that we all secretly know is overpriced. Some people might argue that this is a typical white girl problem… Of course it is.

My most recent obsession is this puffy blouse by Miu Miu – fashion victims will know. It is perfect. It is so cute. It is a masterpiece. I can see myself wearing it day and night. I’m sure everybody would agree that we’d be the perfect match, complete each other. There is just one problem: At the price tag of around an effing 1000 dollars, this baby and I probably aren’t meant to be, after all.

So while I’m aware that I am the victim of some higher force – materialistic or other – I am happy to say that I still have a limit that I wouldn’t cross. I don’t know where exactly it is and it probably depends on my hormone level, but help might be around the corner.

In a moment of sanity and good intentions about turning my life around and become a less fashion addicted brat, a recent post on Man Repeller seemed like a sign from above. In this case, my personal goddess shall now become the charming Clairette, who seems to struggle with the same discrepancy as me and tries to help herself with DIY projects – and what a great job she does!

After endless looking around for a simple and cheap yet high quality blouse and matching cloth to decorate it with (and finding a contrasting colour, a combination which everybody but me seems to find hideous and tasteless) and spending a whole day cursing the lack of my creative skills and hurting myself with needles every couple of minutes, I am now a little proud to present to you what I was able to create with no – no, really – no talent at all:

Not too bad, huh? I think soft purple goes together very well. Of course this is far away from the original piece of desire – but that’s not the point here. If I can do it, you can do it as well.

Win-win for me: I get to make yet another resolution (let’s all really get into this DIY stuff ,ok?), I got to spend a whole day away from my mobile phone last weekend (except from doing a few snaps of my work – Snapchat: @chaotete) , I can share a DIY idea with you without getting into detail (just follow the links above) and I now have a blouse nobody else has and there is a tiny little chance that I might get over my Miu Miu object of desire. Maybe not, though. I’ll keep you updated.

So what about you? Any great high fashion DIY to share? Let me know!

Obsession is good for you, trust me.



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Don’t disturb me



Hi, it’s me with an update. I’m usually not a DIY kind of girl so I felt I should share this.

As I have already mentioned a couple of times, I tend to obsess over certain pieces. So much , I can’t stop thinking about them, it’s weird.

My latest obsession is a sun hat by Eugenia Kim. I never ever wear sun hats even though my mother would love me to do so because she’s scared of everything, including rays of sunlight at the beach. But this year, I’ll make her dream come true and wear one – she’s happy beyond words, no joke.

So I’ve come across this beatuy by Eugenia Kim in white, with ‚Do not disturb‘ written in sequins on it – FAHSION VICTIMS WILL KNOW!!! How much more me can it get? I fell in love immediately when seeing it in a window in a store in Zurich some while ago – I had to have it. I looked it up on the internet and BOOM – 450 CHF. Well that’s a bid, Eugenia, hit me quite hard. I do like to spend a lot of money on things that are pretty but this seemed a bit crazy for my student budget. But I mean, of course, I think the price works, it’s really a super cute idea, why would you just give it away. It’s nice quality as well.

Anyway, I still couldn’t stop thinking about it, silently weeping about it. And then I thought – why not just make it yourself? I went to H&M, bought a white sun hat, bought dark grey sequins, glue, a dark grey silk ribbon (I think anthracite is more pretty than black) and made my own version of it – and I am beyond pleased. I love it, can’t wait to wear it. I’m not good with hats. I have a huge head and I always look stupid. But I don’t care. I’ll f*cking own it.

I am not going to share the steps of the DIY, because I think it’s quite clear – if it’s not clear to you, well then you should probably look for less demanding reading anyway?

If I ever come across a better sun hat – this was just a quick and lazy shot – I will sew the sequins on it because it’ll look way prettier from a closer range, of course. But for the moment I am really happy with the result. And I have saved 430 CHF. I am a little bit proud, I must say.

So I hope you like the idea and maybe get inspired to do a little DIY yourself – I think this will not be my last one. It was quite fun feeling a little artsy and smart and creative – I’ll make sure to Keep you posted on Instagram. Thank god I’ll never be good enough to make my own Chanel bags, otherwise I would probably lock myself in my own atlier and never leave it because I’d have to Keep up with every season and those long gone… But then again, it’s probably more fun to spend a crazy amount on such a bag and treasure it forever, anyway.

Anywayyyyy, thank you Eugenia – I will definitely remember your adorable hats for the time when I start to earn good money 🙂

Obsession is good for you, trust me.




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