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What’s Gucci?

I know I’m totes late on this one, but can we quickly talk about the currently infamous Gucci shirt? In some ridiculous attempt to be a more cheery, less critical version of myself – new year, new me, blahblah – I have kept silent about it, even though of course I do have an opinion about it, as you probably do, too.

Thankfully, I know that you love me at my worst, which is why, what the hell, let me get this off my chest real quick:

The Gucci shirt…I’m sure it doesn’t need an introduction – if social media is your staff of life, you will already have seen it on uncountable occasions. It’s everywhere, you can’t escape – and you love it or you hate it, there’s not in between.

Me, of course, I love it. I’m more of a victim than I’d like to admit to myself.

I mean…I don’t love it, I like it – I could never feel love for a piece of cotton worth a couple hundred of dollars. But it is, apparently. 390€ and sold out – and everybody’s complaining that we’re living in rough economical times. If you ask me, too many people out there are living a crazy good life if spending 400€ on an ordinary shirt is something they consider reasonable. 400 f*cking €. I’m still shocked every time I think about it, because I really was naive enough to think it would cost ‘a crazy 200€’. Cute.

But the price is not what pisses me of. I’m happy for the people who can afford to spend such an amount of money on a simple piece of cloth (disclaimer: of course this is a lie, you cow). Go you for, besides having that bit of spare cash on your hand, being able to ignore sanity screaming on top of its lungs. And honestly, go Gucci, for making so many people want something so simple so badly.

What is starting to annoy me about this shirt is the frequency in which I see it – and the way in which I see it. Enough already.

To be fair – if I ever decided to spend a good part of an overpriced bag on a t-shirt, I’d probably wear the sh*t out of it, too. You’d never see me wear anything else, ever again. 24/7, 365 days straight.

But everything has a date of expiry, especially hypes like this genius Gucci coup. And it’s been too long, seriously – since shortly after Christmas? It feels like another lifetime. I almost feel bad for everybody who is still wearing it on the regular, taking such a satisfaction of shoving it in our faces for yet another time. I mean, let’s be honest – it’s not THAT special. As I said, I do like it, but it’s still a simple f*cking shirt with a washed-off print. It’s time we all calm our tits and forget about it slowly but surely, don’t you think?

And then…why is it that the only way to style this shirt seems to be either pairing it with torn jeans or a patent leather skirt? And no matter which of those vast options you chose, you should not, under no circumstances – do you hear me?? – forget the fishnet tights. The shirt won’t work any other way. Amazing. Or how another wise woman would put it – groundbreaking.

So yeah… coming from a, maybe, slightly jealous place, here’s my plea: Can’t you make it just a little bit more exciting for us? Those of us who have no other choice but look at your feed, marveling at your wardrobe? Can we, like, agree on a max posting frequency of one and the same shirt? Or can we just stop posting it all together already? I promise, I’ll be just as jealous about your other stuff, but please, give me some new hype to make my life seem just a little bit more miserable, I’m tired of this one.

What do you think? Let me know what you’d buy for the price of this shirt 🙂

Don’t ignore the date of expiry, trust me.



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Coats coats coats

Did you know that I do posts on request? Because I do. Whether it’s a personal question you’d like me to debate or a rant you can’t find the words to make – I’m here for you, just drop me a message at 🙂

The other day, after talking about my coat problem on Snap, I was asked to pick some SALE coats for you guys. So if you’ve been looking to make a good deal that keeps you warm – this is your sign.

Personally, I think a coat is something worth spending more on – I don’t believe in H&M or Asos. I swear on Burberry, because they always make you look elegant and don’t go out of style, if you ask me. I have coats that I have now been wearing for the 8th winter in a row and am planning to wear for another couple of years – beat that.

For this reason, I have put the limit for this piece to 1’500€ – which doesn’t mean that I haven’t picked a couple of more affordable pieces. But see for yourself:

1 – 500€

If you’re looking for a pink, fluffy, cozy coat: EDITED – 139€

If you’re looking for a classic: IVY & Oak – 199€

If you’re looking for some white fluff, not too warm though: J.Crew – 238€

I like a pop of red, it makes almost everybody look pretty: Harris Wharf London – 250€

LOVE!!! this one here. The color, the cut: Carven – 322€

A little pink, for the brave: Lala Berlin – 349€

Love this color as well: Lala Berlin – 349€

Absolutely love this one here: Blugirl – 453€

Simple, with a girly twist – love: J.Crew – 469€

If you’re the bomber type of girl, this one here is pretty cool: Acne – 490€

501 – 1000€

Simple and fluffy: Lala Berlin – 519€

A real steal – so delicate: Bally – 530€

Another color pop I love: J.Crew – 568€

Cute floral detail: I’m Isola Marras – 574€

A little drama for you: P.A.R.O.S.H. – 615€

Super fun: Mother – 632€

Another classic: Joseph – 666€

Classic with a little rock ‘n’ roll: J.W.Anderson – 694€

A little hello from my Russian taste: Giada Benincasa – 897€

Classic, simple: Helmut Lang – 920€

1001 – 1500€

I know this is rather a warm blazer, but this color! so pretty: Stella McCartney – 1095€

Candy meets classic: Etro – 1099€

Looooove this one here – so fun: Anya Hindmarch – 1256€

Colorful but still not too much, if you ask me: Etro – 1365€

And in case you’re looking for a little shearling to keep you warm: Karl Donoghue – 1475€

I found an awful lot of coats, huh? Not sure if this huge selection makes it any easier for you and also I know that my mother will not agree with most of those here, because not all of them are long enough to cover most of your legs – but maybe there’s something you fell in love with at first sight? Let me know! xoxo

Whatever topic you’d like me to cover, I’ll do it for you – trust me.


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You better watch out, you better not cry

Excuse me for a sec, I gotta get real about a true problem here: Is it just me or is a watch literally the last thing you currently desire? I know, moving – but seriously?

Everywhere I look – and yes, I know, it seems like I only mean Instagram with this, but – all I see is watches. Daniel Wellington here, Cluse there, Rosefield watches, Henry watches, watches, watches, watches. F*cking leave me alone already. Enough.

It’s been months, maybe years – or is it longer? It’s scary, but I don’t recall what life was like before I had to look at badly staged pictures of watches, shoved in my face together with a promo code. Yes, it’s Christmas, but DW seems to have a dedicated code for any kind of day, any kind of blogger. And it’s not just them, other brands are slowly starting to get as omnipresent as them. Annoying.

You could argue that yes, it’s smart – they are everywhere, everybody knows who they are and some might even get the feeling that they need one of these watches, too. I mean I guess that this concept is really working for them, otherwise they wouldn’t go on and on and on with it.

But I kinda feel bad about them. Like I overindulged on candy, to put it politely. I can’t see them anymore. They make me sick. I don’t want to be dramatic, but I am seriously annoyed when I see somebody wearing one of them. Ugh, not you, too.

And when I see a blogger wearing them, all I can think of is – you cheap traitor. Sold your soul. To the rats of the wrists. For what?

I’d never take one of them. Never ever. Not as a gift, not to promote it, not even for money. I’d feel like I was wearing a piece of merchandise, a freebie. I wouldn’t go walking around with a Happy Meal watch, would I?

And buy it for myself? No way. I would feel dumb. Everybody seems to be getting them for free – why should I be the only idiot who actually buys it? I’ll just have to wait my turn, get a couple more followers or something. This is not something you buy, it’s something you wait to get thrown at. Patience is a virtue.

This is not an angry essay of an unsuccessful blogger who’s vainly waiting for a watch company to approach her. It’s also not an arrogant comment of somebody who’s staring at her Rolex while typing these words – I don’t, I’m wearing a simple no name watch which I actually stole from my mother because I liked it so much.

But while I’m at it…You know what kind of watches some of the Swiss bloggers are currently getting? A Baume et Mercier Petite Promesse. Now these girls are smart. Call me a superficial snitch, but I wouldn’t say no to this one. What a beaut.

I know this is a sensitive topic because I know that I probably know a couple of people who own such a watch, without me knowing, and love it. Please excuse the opinion.

All I want for Christmas is that watch I keep seeing all over my phone…said nobody ever, trust me.


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Kenzo o o

The Kenzo x H&M collab is about to launch, fashionistas around the globe are preparing to wet their pants waiting in line in front of the store November 3rd. It seems to be kind of an affair of honor to join in the craze around the concept of renowned designers teaming up with one of the cheapest stores there is, in order to give those who don’t usually spend their money on brands a little piece of that cake.

I get it. Last time, when Balmain x H&M came out, I was one of those, too. I mean…instead of waiting in front of an H&M I asked slash forced the boy to try and get the pieces I liked, but you know, close enough. It actually worked out, believe it or not, and without too much stress I got two of the pieces that I liked. I highly recommend this way of limited edition hunting – I think it brings out the instinct of a man to impress you, which is why he’ll be even more savage than you could ever be, trying to rip those pieces out of the hands of the hordes of annoying predator girls.

Anyway, from this experience I can say that the quality of those collabs is actually really good. I got the dark green suede pants and I couldn’t have complained if it wasn’t for the fact that I just don’t have the legs for cool pants. Never have, never will, which is why they had to go. The green sequin dress was the bomb, too – I didn’t wear it though, because again, it was too small and it’s still with me, all tags attached etc, in case you’re interested. Note to myself: Do not buy 36 when you’re actually a 38.

But this time…I bet you have an idea where this is going…this time, I kinda don’t get it.

You can say I’m a huge-ish fan of Kenzo. I obviously love them for their colors and I was one of those who had to have their tiger sweater when it came out, back in… 2013?

But did you see the pictures of their collection for H&M? Dayumn. And not in a good way.

I mean…I love a bold outfit and I totally get that fashion is about fun and not about always being up to date with whatever Zara and everybody else is throwing at us but a green tiger overall? Really?

No, I mean, really? And it doesn’t stop here. It’s an absolute explosion of elements that are hard to describe. They say too much of a good thing is not enough but, honestly, I just can’t wrap my head around this. I’ll just let some of my fav pieces speak for themselves:

I can see these being a fun option for a stay at a very sad, comfortless 1* Hotel – the ones where you’re happy to avoid any kind of contact with the dingy carpets that leave you breathless for so many reasons. Not for 100 dollars, though…

Kind of reminds me of my cultural roots, good old Mama Russia. I bet I could find two or three people there who’d be willing to wear this. Not for 70 dollars, though.

This, like other pieces too, would have been a great option for some freaky Halloween costume – unfortunately the collection launches a couple of days after the holidays… 130 everybody.

Reminds me of a that dinosaur series for kids when I was young, the one with the fugly, scary puppets. 100 dollars right there.

Not to sound too mean, but this is something for a rave, maybe or a bar you visit in secret. You can say that 50 dollars is an ok price.

Something Lady Gaga would enjoy. 50 dollars and it’s yours.

Matching whore boots, if you’re really really digging this look. 300 dollars. Let that sink in.

A funky doormat, worth a 250 dollars, apparently.

Here’s whole combo. You’re welcome. 200 all together.

And what is this? I swear I’d be scared if I met somebody on the street, pulling this off. 50 dollars worth of creeps.

And finally, there’s actually one thing I could see myself wearing. Maybe. One time. But not for 300 dollars, sorry:

Keep in mind: this was just a selection. There’s more of where I got this, you can find it all on – knock yourself out.

I don’t mean to be boring and if you’re digging this then by all means, go for it – I don’t think that you’ll have too many problems getting your fingers on these pieces, judging from 99,9% of the b/w Instagram profiles I see every day.

Personally, I think it’s a missed opportunity to give us something cool and wearable – I know that they would have been capable of it. What do you think?

Too much of a good thing can be too much, trust me.



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I repeat: all pics found on

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This just in

I know that, in theory, we should have more pressing topics to talk about, looking at what is currently happening in the world, but in practice I was asked to write a post on It Bags some while ago and since I really appreciate when you give me topics to talk about – THIS IS A HINT, IN CASE YOU DON’T GET IT – I will gladly say a couple of words about them.

So, It Bags. Funny you’d ask me about them, because I’m known for rants and negative comments, but bags? Of course I have a thing for bags. I’m a girly girl. A humble one, but only out of necessity. Like…duh, I would be running around with all sorts of bags if somebody gave them to me, but unfortunately I have a list of other things to tend to – like finally finishing my studies, earn my own money and survive without my parents holding my hand – before I can even think of to IT or not to IT.

The good news is: the It Bag is dead, at least as far as I’m concerned. I had to google it to confirm my own thoughts, but here it is:

By 2008 the popularity of the “It Bag” was reported to be in decline.[11] In May 2011, whilst acknowledging that there would always be customers for expensive status bags, Celia Walden reported that the concept of the must-have “It Bag” was no longer in fashion.[12] (disclaimer: I know that Wikipedia is not an accepted source for somebody who is trying to make a point)

It’s not like I needed Celia’s assessment in order to know, but I must admit that she obviously realized it before I did. I remember, not too long ago I had an understanding about what an It Bag was and I must admit that I found myself lusting over one of them every couple of months – like when Fendi came up with their Peekaboos and I seriously contemplated where to get the 1k+ to buy myself a candy colored micro bag or those moments when I thought to myself how good it would be to have a Valentino Lock bag in every color of the rainbow and all the fifty shades of them…Yep, I’ve been there, and I’m not proud.

Thinking about it, this seems like a lifetime ago. I can’t remember when I last felt the urge to buy a bag that was just introduced to us and I can assure you the reason is not that I suddenly became reasonable over night – nah. Something or someone must have somehow killed it for me and since don’t want to blame influencers for everything that is wrong with the world, including both of America’s presidential candidates, I’ll try to find another scapegoat and totally blame it on Chloé  – and a couple of other brands, of course #fashionvictimswillknow.

Like… first they go and introduce bag after bag that isn’t exactly gorgeous or revolutionary but still manage to somehow make us think that we kind of need it, because for some inexplicable reason everybody but us – me – seems to go absolutely craycray about it. And then, just recently, they give it the death blow by giving out a bag that looks like it was stolen from a paperboy to basically everybody I follow, or choose not to follow for a good reason, and make them write the exact same caption: I’m so honored to be among the first ones to wear it/present it to you – more coming very soon.

Yeah, nice try, I’m outta here.

I feel like our sense of fashion has totally gone down the drain in the last couple of months, maybe years, while I didn’t realize. Our demand is driven by completely wrong reasons and it’s sad and it kind of leaves me indifferent. I feel like ‘It Bags’ or whatever you might call them have become white noise, something we don’t even notice anymore, in the midsts of all of which is advertised to us.

And since I know that there are far worse problems than losing a material item to lust over, I’ll gladly take this chance and say thank you to everybody involved. Thank you for satisfying my need for overhyped items by just rubbing it in my face everywhere I turn. I’m over it. I can now sit back, relax and wait for the day when I happen to have spare change to buy a bag that I’ve been eyeing for a couple of years and not just a couple of posts. If anyone can have it, I don’t want it. Bye, bag, bye.

But maybe you have a different opinion? Currently lusting over something? Let me know, don’t be shy.

It Bags are dead, trust me.



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