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I’m a very curious person with an obnoxious interest for behavior and motivation, which is why I probably observe more than is good or normal. I find it immensely interesting to watch people, examine them and render an inner judgement about them. Oops.

It’s not as bad as it sounds, though. While it may not always be fair to everybody – I do admit that I turn out to be wrong sometimes, not too often though – I still think that it’s a habit that teaches you a lot, besides making sure you can entertain yourself on your own almost any place, any time.

Coming to Zurich, it only takes a couple of minutes for an attentive observer to understand that the city is swarmed by self-proclaimed fashionistas, parading their nose up high, making every ‘hot spot’ our rural metropolis has to offer their personal runway.

Two days ago, when I had to go to there for a quick meeting at the main shopping street, I returned home with yet another lesson, or let’s say, a calming realization about myself: While I, like the majority of women out there, care about and enjoy fashion, there are certain limits to it – things that I wouldn’t do for fashion.

What a dramatic intro, now what are those limits?

Firstly, I’d never trade health or comfort for a perfect track record.

Yes, sometimes I wear heels for a couple of hours, but if I realize that they aren’t as comfortable as I thought they were, it will be the last time that I put them on. You do realize that heels only look sexy if you can walk in them without looking like a shot deer, do you? Just as silly does it look when you don’t dress according to season, for whatever reason. If it’s 30° outside and you decide to pair your breezy white boho micro dress with biker boots, it won’t make you look fashionable, it’ll make you look dumb. Like chill b*tch, autumn will come, no matter what and sooner than later – you’ll have plenty of time to walk those studded ASH boots up and down Bahnhofstrasse.

Secondly, I wouldn’t spend a shitload of money on stuff I don’t really like, just to be part of some imaginary fashion-savvy association.

Like… every time I see somebody wearing that Chanel backpack that looks like an identical copy of that Eastpack thing we used to buy in different colors, just to let our friends scribble all over it, I can’t but wonder what other freaky stuff is going on inside that person’s head. 3’400 dollars, for f*ck’s sake, you really couldn’t think of a better way to spend that money? You really think that thing makes a valuable addition to your wardrobe? Beats me. And the list of such ‘It-pieces‘ is long and never complete.

And lastly, I wouldn’t make fashion my first priority, neglecting all the other important things in life.

Like…having a bunch of it-bags is nice, but there’s nothing glam about it eating sh*t all year long or saving money on rent in order to be able to afford such things, is there? How does driving a Porsche but buying meat at 1 Euro per kg fit together? All has to be in due proportion and if you care more about the things that other people see in you than about the things that are really important to you and your personal health and well-being, then you should maybe go and get help. And trust me, there are many of such people – and trust me, other people notice such things.

And you? What things do you find less comprehensible than others? Anything you wouldn’t do for fashion?

Know your limits, trust me.



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Don’t stop

I don’t know about you, but I’m sooooo over Chiara, there are not enough o’s in the world to explain my feeling. So. Obnoxious. Where do I start?

That ELLO GUYSE she keeps throwing at us? It drives me nuts. Like what the f*ck – how long has she spent in the US by now? When will it finally dawn on her that you don’t have to add an e to every single word you say, just because you’re freakin Italian? It’s not cute, not anymore, it’s just plain annoying. It’s an insult to everybody who keeps believing in her and it made me delete her from Snapchat, no matter how big my FOMO was at that time. First world problems big time, I know, and I am happy to report that I never looked back. Until Instagram introduced stories.

Apart from that, what about her outfits? Is it just me or did her feed at some point start to feel like she’s doing us the favor of wearing something wearable/decently inspiring/not borderline fugly once every couple of days? The rest of it is just a lot of ‘why the hell do I keep following her’? At some point I started wondering if I was just giving in to some peer pressure of following one of the supposedly most inspirational people in the world of fashion, all the while not feeling any inspiration at all.

And that sister of hers? Not a big addition to my feed either. Couldn’t follow her. Never have, never will. She feels like an overdose of something sweet and sticky. Her #allguesseverything outfits make me gag, whenever I see her I turn into a really bad person. I know it’s obviously not her fault and that I should rethink my own passive aggressiveness if anything but still, I just can’t.

Or so I thought.

Because enough with the fashion talk, all hate aside, let’s talk business. There’s something I have been thinking for the last couple of days and it’s not like it was something completely new to me, I knew it all along, but when I read this article here, it hit me really really hard: This woman is like the ultimate #girlboss right there. She’s a commercial rock star, the effin Messias of ambitious women growing up in a digital world, somebody who can choose to be as obnoxious as she wants, because people will be buying it and ask for more anyway.

Instead of going after some hopeless second career in singing or being satisfied by being invited to exclusive events on a daily basis, she stuck to what she’s good at and she keeps and keeps getting better at it. And she’s making a good life off it, not just a perfectly arranged Instafeed.

Without people primarily noticing, she has built an image, a company, an empire all for herself, increasing her influence and people’s dependence on her. That shoe line of hers? Everybody loves it, no matter how cheap it might look, no matter how expensive it might be in comparison. That meh sister of hers? Just the perfect bait to pick up all the future fashion-hungry girls who are too young to feel Chiara’s current phase yet but old enough to need something to look up to, now and in their potentially well-funded future. And that business of hers? Far from standstill. Because #theblondsaladneverstops, for real though: She has just re-launched her website, now comprising her own e-commerce platform, where she will be selling limited edition collaborations with different brands, from MSGM to my beloved AREYOUAMI. Brilliant. Pure brilliant.

No matter what you think about Bloggers and the online world, you have to admit that this woman has managed to take this sort of business to another level, leaving everybody competing to her look like weirdos with a bunch of imaginary friends and an expiration date. Did you see her office? Her crew? No matter what she approves of, no matter what she puts her name on – she’s got everybody wrapped around her little finger, from grown-ups to little girls. No hate at all.

So what can I say – I know I can be a b*tch but I also know when respect is due. Better late than never: I officially take my hat off to Chiara and her business acumen. I’m excited for what is more to come – and we all should watch and learn, even if it’s just a piece of that attitude.

#theblondesaladeneverstops , trust me.



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No, I’m not

God guys, I totally forgot to talk about something that has been keeping me up at night for the last couple of weeks and I can’t explain how this could happen. Every time I stumble upon this horror, all I can think is

Dear Rumi Neely – I need to talk to you.

And don’t worry, even if I’d love to drop a couple of words about that body, too, I’m not gonna give in to my temptation and say something about the fact that you’re obviously glorifying a dangerous lifestyle to uncountable manipulable girls out there. But damn, if that was accepted…

Anyway, no Rumi – there’s another thing that keeps bugging me: your new brand slash collection slash you can’t be serious. ARE YOU AM I? No, I’m f*cking not. And who besides your friend Chiara is, anyway? Let me give you a little insight into her thoughts about it:

“ARE YOU AM I is an uncompromised, California-flavored take on the perfect wardrobe. 

Every fabric, every stitch, every finish is carefully selected to make each AYAI piece as special as is sane.” 

PERFECT WARDROBE. CAREFULLY SELECTED. SANE. LOL – good one. Does the below look sane to you?

A dress that looks like that ZARA dress that all the snitches are flaunting all around Instagram, only that it costs – wait, what? – 675$. Sounds legit.

And this one? Hits the part about ‘carefully selected fabric’ right on the spot – so carefully selected, we got a little thrifty there. What half-way decent girl would even think about wearing this outside of the shower? I’m no angel, but this looks pretty much free of charge to me, despite that 119$ price tag.

And this? Where’s that big fat disclaimer saying ‘only for girls without nipples’? I don’t see many people spending 129$ on this top… Even my sad little excuses for boobs would struggle to keep in place there.

And this ‘bodysuit’ would have been better described as ‘the least sexy thing I have ever seen’. Doesn’t it look like something you’d put on a movie character to show that that person has completely lost his or her mind? Every girly girl out there knows that Lagerfeld quote about jogging pants…109$ can give you that feeling.

And this one here? Spending 695$ to look as tacky as humanly possible? You can have that for much less, just saying. Nothing to add.

And then, out of all of this insanity, here’s my fav:

They call it crop top, I call it ‘channelling my inner piece of cloth I have just torn off a blanked to vet somebody who was about to bleed to death’. Seriously. This design is worth 179$? AND IT IS F*CKING SOLD OUT? I’m done here.

In case you’re totally intrigued by the presented designs – they are all available in black, too. Amaze.

In case you have been wondering the same all along – please let me know, because I am kind of feeling alone since seeing that ‘sold out’ there…

So…no, I’m definitely not, trust me.



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All of the pics are obviously taken from

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Crushin #3: Leandra

Apparently ‘fashion month’ is coming up and I can’t even write these couple of words without feeling the urge to roll my eyes so hard you’d be worried about my well-being. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I have a certain opinion about everybody and their dog talking about their involvement in the ‘fashion world’ –  looking at pictures of the same old faces for days on end, the same Chloé bags dangling on every arm, the same girls forming crowds of clones, wearing the same f*cking clothes in different shades, mixed with pieces nobody in their right mind would ever consider spending money on, if it wasn’t absolutely mandatory in the world of influencers.

Breathe in, breathe out.

In order to give my judgmental talk a little break and say something positive for a change, I’d like to talk about my fav woman on social media and probably the whole fashion world:

Meet Leandra Medine, 27!!, founder of Manrepeller and my personal #girlboss. She’s basically everything I miss with 99% of our so called influencers out there: She’s original, she’s creative, she’s witty, she’s funny and she really is inspiring and different. If you don’t know her already, I strongly advise you to follow her on every channel available – blog, Instagram 1 & 2, Snapchat, podcasts ,tumblrTwitterPinterest, whatever floats your goat..  – and get rid of some of that pablum of insta slaves you got there instead…

Manrepeller is a humorous fashion blog – because fashion is about fun and experiments, not necessarily just the path of least resistance, remember? Granted, as the name of her blog suggests, she doesn’t only stick to wearable outfits – sadly, if you don’t have giraffe legs, you can’t really pull off wearing a body and a bow without a matching bottom piece, without people begging you to put some clothes on sooner or later. But apart from such variations, there’s really no doubt about why she keeps being recognized for her sense of style. She’s probably one of the reasons why I will never ever be happy with my wardrobe, no matter what and how much of it I buy. Not Chiara, not Kristina and certainly nobody among that Blogger Bazaar family. I’m sorry.

Together with a fun team, she talks about topics in fashion, culture, beauty and all sorts of daily situations and struggles on a daily basis. Always witty, never boring – always personal, never copied. Intelligent and stimulating. How many of the 1k people you follow match such a description? Think about it.

And even if you’re not into reading blogs and spending time reading about other people’s problems and opinions, even her Instagram presence on its own is entertaining, refreshing, funny and worth a follow. No inspirational quotes, no arrangements of bags next to smoothie bowls, no staged pictures in bed, no… you name it. Instead you’ll find funny captions, a potpourri of colors, patterns, an insight into the NYC-life you’d like to beam yourself into and a whole lot of honesty and self-irony.

But enough with my blabla – go see for yourself and enjoy. You’re welcome!

I hope to have given you an idea about what I appreciate in an ‘influencer’ and am happy to hear your suggestions about other people to crush on in a similar way…

Free yourself of that pablum, trust me.



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DIY: Pom-pom-pom

You know how you sometimes check your closet and f*cking hate every piece of clothing it hides – like, with a passion? How do I deserve such a boring pile of clothes? Who even made me buy all of these? Why can’t I just swap all of it with a bunch of Chanel bags and Valentino dresses? I HATE ALL OF YOU, DO YOU HEAR ME??? 

That’s me, every single day.

Having one of my daily fits, one day my eyes fell on this poor Zara blouse. What a tacky piece of boredom you are, I thought to myself, about to rip it from the hanger, tear it with my teeth and throw it in the trash. Stupid relict of pastel-obsessed days. You look like stale salad tastes. 

But you know how sometimes your DNA catches up with you and you suddenly bethink yourself of your roots? I’m too much of a jew to throw a perfectly fine blouse away. I mean, there was a time when I had probably spent 20 euros on it – and never worn it. For a good reason.

Sell it? No way, ever heard of revenue and expense? Also, it’s see-through and I know the boy loves anything that involves a sneaky insight.

Experiment it is. Exciting. I went to buy pompoms in various colors, quickly decided to go for a green-purple combo and got going.

I’m not gonna lie – it took for f*cking ever to sew all of them on. If you follow me on Snapchat @chaotete – hint, hint – you might have noticed. Really. It took me so long. I didn’t count them, but this is obviously a matter of preference. Use as many as you wish – but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I would still classify this DIY as a lazy slash easy one. I did it while watching TV with the boy, just like my previous ones. It also didn’t involve a lot of material or stuff you can’t find easily. It’s pretty cheap as well. To everybody in Switzerland: I bought the pompoms at Coop.

So go on kids, try this at home. I am absolutely sure you have a neglected blouse at home and if you don’t, Zara will always have your back for boring pieces – just check your typical Instagram account for hauls. You can also go for your black and white combo, of course – I’m not forcing anyone to like colors. I repeat: you don’t have to leave your comfort zone.

Being lazy is ok, trust me.




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