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A couple of days ago, somebody suggested I should do a gift guide for Christmas on the blog, saying that I tend to find pretty stuff on the internet. Personally, I suspect she’s just too lazy to browse the world wide web on her own and wanted to find some idiot to do the job for her – but of course I’m happy to do it (Thank you for the suggestion!! :*). I’m planning to make a series, featuring shop after shop, expensive and affordable, and to just let you know my picks. I have set a limit of 100€ as budget so I don’t get carried away too far there #addictswillknow – please let me know if you have another idea.

For the last part of the guide – I hope you’ve had enough of all my suggestions, I sure do – I will just throw everything together that I could think of in addition to what I’ve looked up for you already. Let’s go:

1 Tote bag

Ensoie is a beautiful beautiful shop in the center of Zurich. Do their prices seem a bit high-ish? Maybe. Would I still love to own a couple of pieces? Of course. All of them? All of them. This tote bag here is one example. So greenie but so chic. And it’s still in the budget, so what the hell – Love rules forever! 55€

2 Espresso cup

Come on. Tell me their tableware is adorbs. I can’t. Make somebody drink espresso from this cup in the future, I’d consider it a real treat. 52€

3 Earrings

Found these clips a couple of days ago and I love them. They are a bit Dolce, without the price tag. They come in different colors, but I’d prefer this one. 50€

Pure oils trio

There’s nothing more luxurious than products made with simple, natural ingredients. Volià. These three here – just oil, no nasty stuff added, all you need for face, hair and body. You can buy them separately, of course, but all of three of them will cost you 75€ – so what are you waiting for.

5 Eye cushion

Kinda Kenzo. Kinda fun. Kinda worth 46€

6 iPhone case

Usually I’m not a fan of funky cases, but I love this one here. 12€

7 Chair

LOVE these chairs. #designfreakswillknow They come in different colors, at 91€ – how does that sound? Disclaimer: this one here is for kids – the bigger ones are a little more expensive.

8 Tableware

Kartell’s tableware is adorable, too. You can find a couple of pieces in budget on their website.

So that’s it. Last guide – over and out. I hope you felt a little inspired by one or the other gift idea. Please tell me you’ll miss me. xoxo

Oh my god the chair, trust me.



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