What’s Gucci?

I know I’m totes late on this one, but can we quickly talk about the currently infamous Gucci shirt? In some ridiculous attempt to be a more cheery, less critical version of myself – new year, new me, blahblah – I have kept silent about it, even though of course I do have an opinion about it, as you probably do, too.

Thankfully, I know that you love me at my worst, which is why, what the hell, let me get this off my chest real quick:

The Gucci shirt…I’m sure it doesn’t need an introduction – if social media is your staff of life, you will already have seen it on uncountable occasions. It’s everywhere, you can’t escape – and you love it or you hate it, there’s not in between.

Me, of course, I love it. I’m more of a victim than I’d like to admit to myself.

I mean…I don’t love it, I like it – I could never feel love for a piece of cotton worth a couple hundred of dollars. But it is, apparently. 390€ and sold out – and everybody’s complaining that we’re living in rough economical times. If you ask me, too many people out there are living a crazy good life if spending 400€ on an ordinary shirt is something they consider reasonable. 400 f*cking €. I’m still shocked every time I think about it, because I really was naive enough to think it would cost ‘a crazy 200€’. Cute.

But the price is not what pisses me of. I’m happy for the people who can afford to spend such an amount of money on a simple piece of cloth (disclaimer: of course this is a lie, you cow). Go you for, besides having that bit of spare cash on your hand, being able to ignore sanity screaming on top of its lungs. And honestly, go Gucci, for making so many people want something so simple so badly.

What is starting to annoy me about this shirt is the frequency in which I see it – and the way in which I see it. Enough already.

To be fair – if I ever decided to spend a good part of an overpriced bag on a t-shirt, I’d probably wear the sh*t out of it, too. You’d never see me wear anything else, ever again. 24/7, 365 days straight.

But everything has a date of expiry, especially hypes like this genius Gucci coup. And it’s been too long, seriously – since shortly after Christmas? It feels like another lifetime. I almost feel bad for everybody who is still wearing it on the regular, taking such a satisfaction of shoving it in our faces for yet another time. I mean, let’s be honest – it’s not THAT special. As I said, I do like it, but it’s still a simple f*cking shirt with a washed-off print. It’s time we all calm our tits and forget about it slowly but surely, don’t you think?

And then…why is it that the only way to style this shirt seems to be either pairing it with torn jeans or a patent leather skirt? And no matter which of those vast options you chose, you should not, under no circumstances – do you hear me?? – forget the fishnet tights. The shirt won’t work any other way. Amazing. Or how another wise woman would put it – groundbreaking.

So yeah… coming from a, maybe, slightly jealous place, here’s my plea: Can’t you make it just a little bit more exciting for us? Those of us who have no other choice but look at your feed, marveling at your wardrobe? Can we, like, agree on a max posting frequency of one and the same shirt? Or can we just stop posting it all together already? I promise, I’ll be just as jealous about your other stuff, but please, give me some new hype to make my life seem just a little bit more miserable, I’m tired of this one.

What do you think? Let me know what you’d buy for the price of this shirt 🙂

Don’t ignore the date of expiry, trust me.



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