A couple of days ago I was asked about my fame on Instagram. The totally earnest question about how I got 4’000 people to follow my daily #ootd and occasional smoothie post made me smirk. Not only because 4k is as close to fame on Instagram as for your granny to understand why the f*ck you’d prepare your breakfast to look perfect on a picture, but also because the person asking was from my university – a place that prides itself to educate people in business better than a lot of other places do. I’ve decided to say a couple of words about my insane fame and that of so called influencers, just a quick shoutout, really, to make sure we’re all on the same page here…

It’s a weird world that we live in, I know – people are posting pictures of their life in order for other people to like and comment on them and hopefully follow them. What used to be denounced as narcissism or socially awkward for one reason or another, has long evolved in a huge business. Yes, I believe that Chiara Ferragni and other ‘pioneers’ started their blogs in order to share their style and interests, without really thinking about actively providing inspiration for other people, but that time has long gone. Already Kristina Bazan didn’t start by borrowing bags from friends and taking pictures of outfits just because she couldn’t find another hobby. That girl came with a purpose. I am absolutely sure that nowadays most people who open a new Instagram account and put some effort in it don’t do it just for the fun of it. They are hoping to become an influencer, too.

So… influencers – am I the only one who can’t f*cking hear that world anymore? Influencers is the new ‘model’ – everybody with a f*cking Instagram profile and +10k followers calls himself an influencer these days. I don’t know how often I have already stumbled upon this and thought to myself how I’d love to grab that person’s hair and hold their face under a water jet until he or she tells me how exactly having 8k creepy dudes from some arabic country following you makes you an influencer. Because that’s what 90% of every thousand followers you have consist of: creepy men looking to send you dick pics and people with other really weird preferences, fake follower accounts, business accounts of whatever dump that actually doesn’t need an Instagram account or people who just follow you in the hope you might follow back, but unfollow if you don’t. I invite you to make an analysis of the followers of a random public profile.

Dear ‘influencers’, let’s be honest here: Followers don’t come because you’re special, followers come because you’ve come to them first, which means either you bought them or you annoyed the crap out of them until they followed you. I don’t want to go into super boring details here but besides buying followers, you can even pay for robots to make comments in the name of your accounts. So if you ever wondered why somebody commented wow amazing shot under a really cheesy quote you posted, why they keep making the same identical comment over and over again – I’m looking at you, @babbleventure, LG Daniela – or why they seem to start following you each day from anew – now you know. I know it’s mean to call people out, but this is something that annoys me so much, I even get blocked regularly, because I ask people to stop. Even an increasingly popular Swiss blogger with about 44k – let me know if you know who I’m talking about 😉 – keeps posting the most fake comments on random profiles just to make sure she gets noticed.

So basically, Instagram and its hype about followers is often just a big fat lie or a lot of work, less about passion than one might think and certainly not really about being special or interesting – which should be logical, right? I mean, why would you want to follow hundreds of girls with the same style? The same bags? The same bodies? The same passions? Yes, for some few it can turn into a great business opportunity and more and more deals, but most of it is totally overrated and not admitted, neither by the so called influencers nor by the brands who try to collaborate with them. Because the truth is: you can’t track your influence, not via Instagram, because you can’t follow a person from there to a shop and see whether she bought that stupid detox tea somebody advertised or not. But, you know, hope springs eternal.

The real art here is creating engagement and genuine interest in something that stands for more than hours of hours of taking and editing pictures and if you ask me, that’s really not that easy to find and also needs a lot more explanation than just a short caption and a few hashtags here and there.

I’ll be completely honest with you: Instagram is not my baby and not my world, hence the missing storytelling on there – I consider it a bait for girlcasm. Yes, for some reason I enjoy sharing my outfits on Instagram, but that’s probably just because I’m bored by the mass of b/w outfits, Sam Smith appreciation and Chloé Drew bag overload, not because I want to tell some kind of fairytale story. In word and deed I’m not looking to drag you to another platform to talk about fashion or detox tea, I want to engage people in mean talk aka girlcasm – not to do a very inspiring job here, obviously, just in order to be a little more real about whatever seems fake to us.

The truth is: I’m not super creative myself, which is why I’ve decided to write posts about topics that people suggest from now on, in order to make sure I talk about stuff that interests you, too. So come on, challenge me – if you spot something fake slash annoying you want to talk about, let me know – in the comments, or as a direct message, I’d love that! Until then, please remember:

So overrated, trust me.



P.S.: I hope this post didn’t offend you, but if it did, here’s my disclaimer. But if girlcasm makes you smirk even a little from time to time from time to time, I think you should visit my Facebook page. Deal?

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