It’s always hard for me to decide whether or not to cover things when they might be associated with political views which I don’t have or don’t want to debate – I know how the internet is: Especially people who haven’t been following you for a while and happen to take their first glance ever on your blabla, tend to pick up the wrong points from your texts, making it about something it is not. So for the next couple of sentences, please keep in mind: this is not an indication of my political believes or opinion, this is not a confession, nothing – it has nothing to do with politics, politics was just a trigger.

Two or three days ago, I saw one of my fav bloggers from Germany post a picture of terrorism statistics (that infamous one, recently twittered by acknowledged intellectual KimK herself) in her story, captioning it with ‘Fuck Trump’. What an impressive statement to make.

Now I know what sentiments a majority of the western internet culture seems to have at the moment and it’s ok and understandable. Me too, I can’t say I like the new guy, at least I can’t think of a reason for now – but I’ll have to add that this sentiment doesn’t only apply to the new POTUS but also the so called ‘alternative’, Hillary. I never understood how a country like America, filled with bright, ambitious minds, couldn’t come up with other candidates to fill such an important role – well yes, I did, cash is king etc, but that is a completely other topic which I consider closed for this post right here.

What really annoys me about this whole Trump debate is the choice of points to debate and the choice of words that often goes along with it. Again, I totally get it, I’m not amused, either. Me too, I’m sitting at home, in horror of some of the things he says and plots and is starting to implement. Me too, I have a problem with ‘alternative facts’. But some of the things that some people are debating irritate me almost as much and I think we should stop giving people the feeling that this is how you make a valuable contribution to any kind of discussion.

Calling his wife a hooker – is that really your biggest problem? Her being a rather easy woman at some point in her life, apparently? Me too, I ‘liked’ Michelle, but honestly, there’s a limit to what you can and can not say about a woman, no matter who she is and what she did to get her to the point where she is now, no matter what sort of monster you think her husband is etc. Not respecting those limits in a way just shows what kind of person you are, and I can’t say it’s exactly likable, either.

Talking about his orange face, his tiny hands, his double chin or whatever – really? I mean it might have been funny as long as we all believed he wouldn’t make it but now it’s just so far away from what really is important, it gives me headache every time somebody mentions his looks. It’s like you’re trying to jump in on the current anti-Trump train and can’t think of a more valuable argument. Me too, I laugh when I see a picture of his face made of sausage, but if you’re trying to make a point, mentioning his face certainly isn’t a very powerful way to do so.

Same goes for swearwords describing him, especially coming from people from countries or in positions that aren’t really concerned. Like a German blogger commenting on the whole debate saying ‘Fuck Trump’ and nothing else. If that’s really all you have to say to express your opinion, I think you should just keep it to yourself next time. I know that having strong feelings about the person seemingly everybody is having strong feelings about is cool, but it kind of isn’t if you don’t have your own arguments that support your feelings.

The list goes on and on. And I have to comment on it, because I can’t escape it and I can’t unsee it – all of my feeds, no matter where, are filled with such ‘rationale’. And whenever people deliberately choose to make him the topic, sooner or later it drifts off to arguments I don’t want to discuss – not about him, not about anybody else in the world, really.

Because it’s wrong, because it misses the right/important points. I mean the question is – would all of those things bother you if he was a brilliant candidate, apart from that? Of course not. So why, in all of these debates, can’t we focus on what’s important, at least – even if that again is more or less subjective.

So, to come back to making this a more general conclusion, detached from what is going on in ‘the land of the free’: if you want to impress people, if you want to make a point, if you want to make a valuable contribution to a discussion, you have to give it some meat. I know that having an opinion is important, just as is voicing it – but only if it’s equipped with more than just f*cks and mockery. Isn’t it so much better to listen to somebody with good arguments and interesting thoughts? If you have nothing else to say, nothing new to add, I assure you, you’re better off by just not commenting on it.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying you should stop criticizing, protesting or whatever, but whenever your ‘statements’ aren’t longer than two to three words and nothing but short, derogative comments, you’re not winning the debate, you’re disarming yourself.

Don’t be that person, trust me.



P.s.: Feedback is always appreciated, even if it’s negative – it’s ok if you disagree and I love to hear from you either way – so comment along or follow @girlcasm on Facebook – xoxo

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