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This just in

I know that, in theory, we should have more pressing topics to talk about, looking at what is currently happening in the world, but in practice I was asked to write a post on It Bags some while ago and since I really appreciate when you give me topics to talk about – THIS IS A HINT, IN CASE YOU DON’T GET IT – I will gladly say a couple of words about them.

So, It Bags. Funny you’d ask me about them, because I’m known for rants and negative comments, but bags? Of course I have a thing for bags. I’m a girly girl. A humble one, but only out of necessity. Like…duh, I would be running around with all sorts of bags if somebody gave them to me, but unfortunately I have a list of other things to tend to – like finally finishing my studies, earn my own money and survive without my parents holding my hand – before I can even think of to IT or not to IT.

The good news is: the It Bag is dead, at least as far as I’m concerned. I had to google it to confirm my own thoughts, but here it is:

By 2008 the popularity of the “It Bag” was reported to be in decline.[11] In May 2011, whilst acknowledging that there would always be customers for expensive status bags, Celia Walden reported that the concept of the must-have “It Bag” was no longer in fashion.[12] (disclaimer: I know that Wikipedia is not an accepted source for somebody who is trying to make a point)

It’s not like I needed Celia’s assessment in order to know, but I must admit that she obviously realized it before I did. I remember, not too long ago I had an understanding about what an It Bag was and I must admit that I found myself lusting over one of them every couple of months – like when Fendi came up with their Peekaboos and I seriously contemplated where to get the 1k+ to buy myself a candy colored micro bag or those moments when I thought to myself how good it would be to have a Valentino Lock bag in every color of the rainbow and all the fifty shades of them…Yep, I’ve been there, and I’m not proud.

Thinking about it, this seems like a lifetime ago. I can’t remember when I last felt the urge to buy a bag that was just introduced to us and I can assure you the reason is not that I suddenly became reasonable over night – nah. Something or someone must have somehow killed it for me and since don’t want to blame influencers for everything that is wrong with the world, including both of America’s presidential candidates, I’ll try to find another scapegoat and totally blame it on Chloé  – and a couple of other brands, of course #fashionvictimswillknow.

Like… first they go and introduce bag after bag that isn’t exactly gorgeous or revolutionary but still manage to somehow make us think that we kind of need it, because for some inexplicable reason everybody but us – me – seems to go absolutely craycray about it. And then, just recently, they give it the death blow by giving out a bag that looks like it was stolen from a paperboy to basically everybody I follow, or choose not to follow for a good reason, and make them write the exact same caption: I’m so honored to be among the first ones to wear it/present it to you – more coming very soon.

Yeah, nice try, I’m outta here.

I feel like our sense of fashion has totally gone down the drain in the last couple of months, maybe years, while I didn’t realize. Our demand is driven by completely wrong reasons and it’s sad and it kind of leaves me indifferent. I feel like ‘It Bags’ or whatever you might call them have become white noise, something we don’t even notice anymore, in the midsts of all of which is advertised to us.

And since I know that there are far worse problems than losing a material item to lust over, I’ll gladly take this chance and say thank you to everybody involved. Thank you for satisfying my need for overhyped items by just rubbing it in my face everywhere I turn. I’m over it. I can now sit back, relax and wait for the day when I happen to have spare change to buy a bag that I’ve been eyeing for a couple of years and not just a couple of posts. If anyone can have it, I don’t want it. Bye, bag, bye.

But maybe you have a different opinion? Currently lusting over something? Let me know, don’t be shy.

It Bags are dead, trust me.



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The anti status-symbol

Ok ladies, brace yourselves: here comes a topic that will inevitably lead to me losing some of you – and after careful consideration whether or not to talk about it, I have come to the decision to take the risk. This is surely not the most radical point of view that has ever been defended for the sake of freedom of opinion, but it still is very dear to my heart – has always been, will always be. Today, I’d like to talk to you about your beloved Speedy bag.

I don’t know by what name it goes exactly, but quick research suggests that the Speedy 30 is defined by its iconic – unique – shape, leather handles and Damier Ebène Canvas… Ladies, let me brake it to you: nothing, absolutely nothing about this bag is iconic or unique and if you’re living life with a different perception then I am happy to lay out a couple of counter-arguments for you in the hope that it might open the eyes of at least one of you.

Where do we start? To go as far as to say that every girl who owns one of these monsters of a bag is trash would be too harsh, I agree – but I’m surely not the only one who has noticed that this has become THE identifying feature of somebody without taste. It really is incomprehensible to me how all of these girls are running around with their noses high, Speedy around their wrists. I do understand the concept of status symbols, but if you’re walking around with your eyes open, I can’t explain how you could have missed the news that this is as far-off as you could get. The Speedy has literally become the anti status-symbol – there is nothing as ordinary as this bag.

A Speedy is boring. Neither does it stick out because of a surprising, unusual color scheme, nor does it have a shape that is worth mentioning except for it’s unrivaled ugliness. And now don’t tell me something about how classy and timeless you think it is. It is not. It is boring, amorphous and plain tacky. The only situation where I could picture myself carrying such a bag would be a Saturday morning stroll to the farmers’ market – it is robust, it is non-soiling and thus destined to be your go-to carry-all for dirty vegetables. But even then I’d consider a good old jute sac more fashionable – or a torn basket. And yet, every time there is a visiting day at our university, it seems like 80% of the girls make sure to take their Speedy bag with them, making me want to grab their hair and drag them off the premises…

Granted, I might not be your go-to fashion guru and you might not agree with my personal style and yes I own two pairs of UGG boots myself so I might not be in the position to judge – but think about it: have you ever seen an It girl or any other woman that is known for her sense of fashion running around with a Speedy around her wrist? Exactly.

I do understand the idea of buying a nice, way too expensive bag, no matter what everybody else thinks of its worth – I’m a girl, of course I do and if I had the means I’d go out and buy a ridiculously overpriced bag every day of the week. But a Speedy is what you call a bad investment. A Chanel or Hermès bag gets more expensive with time and other, less expensive bags can add a statement to your wardrobe because of some feature they have. But a Speedy… a Speedy is just money you could have spend more wisely. Trust me, every time a girl runs into a Louis Vuitton store, all excited, asking for a Speedy bag, even all of the shop assistants present feel bad for the bad choice that she’s about to make. They know she’s coming to buy the cheapest bag they have, just to buy something that says Louis Vuitton, but they’d be fired if they tried to put an end to this easy revenue stream. And then these girls go home and decide to make their Speedy the centerpiece of every f*cking Facebook profile picture to come.

My advice to you – and I mean well – is to go and sell that Speedy of yours on Ebay or somewhere else and buy another bag – literally any other bag you buy will add more uniqueness, more worth to your wardrobe. And if you still like to get yourself a Speedy, why don’t you do a test run first and rent it and see how glamorous it feels – you can do so here if you’re from Switzerland and maybe you’ll find another piece you fall in love with…

A Speedy is not the one for you, trust me.


P.s.: Facebook, you know,

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