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You better watch out, you better not cry

Excuse me for a sec, I gotta get real about a true problem here: Is it just me or is a watch literally the last thing you currently desire? I know, moving – but seriously?

Everywhere I look – and yes, I know, it seems like I only mean Instagram with this, but – all I see is watches. Daniel Wellington here, Cluse there, Rosefield watches, Henry watches, watches, watches, watches. F*cking leave me alone already. Enough.

It’s been months, maybe years – or is it longer? It’s scary, but I don’t recall what life was like before I had to look at badly staged pictures of watches, shoved in my face together with a promo code. Yes, it’s Christmas, but DW seems to have a dedicated code for any kind of day, any kind of blogger. And it’s not just them, other brands are slowly starting to get as omnipresent as them. Annoying.

You could argue that yes, it’s smart – they are everywhere, everybody knows who they are and some might even get the feeling that they need one of these watches, too. I mean I guess that this concept is really working for them, otherwise they wouldn’t go on and on and on with it.

But I kinda feel bad about them. Like I overindulged on candy, to put it politely. I can’t see them anymore. They make me sick. I don’t want to be dramatic, but I am seriously annoyed when I see somebody wearing one of them. Ugh, not you, too.

And when I see a blogger wearing them, all I can think of is – you cheap traitor. Sold your soul. To the rats of the wrists. For what?

I’d never take one of them. Never ever. Not as a gift, not to promote it, not even for money. I’d feel like I was wearing a piece of merchandise, a freebie. I wouldn’t go walking around with a Happy Meal watch, would I?

And buy it for myself? No way. I would feel dumb. Everybody seems to be getting them for free – why should I be the only idiot who actually buys it? I’ll just have to wait my turn, get a couple more followers or something. This is not something you buy, it’s something you wait to get thrown at. Patience is a virtue.

This is not an angry essay of an unsuccessful blogger who’s vainly waiting for a watch company to approach her. It’s also not an arrogant comment of somebody who’s staring at her Rolex while typing these words – I don’t, I’m wearing a simple no name watch which I actually stole from my mother because I liked it so much.

But while I’m at it…You know what kind of watches some of the Swiss bloggers are currently getting? A Baume et Mercier Petite Promesse. Now these girls are smart. Call me a superficial snitch, but I wouldn’t say no to this one. What a beaut.

I know this is a sensitive topic because I know that I probably know a couple of people who own such a watch, without me knowing, and love it. Please excuse the opinion.

All I want for Christmas is that watch I keep seeing all over my phone…said nobody ever, trust me.


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