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If I had a 100€…at Desiary

A couple of days ago, somebody suggested I should do a gift guide for Christmas on the blog, saying that I tend to find pretty stuff on the internet. Personally, I suspect she’s just too lazy to browse the world wide web on her own and wanted to find some idiot to do the job for her – but of course I’m happy to do it (Thank you for the suggestion!! :*). I’m planning to make a series, featuring shop after shop, expensive and affordable, and to just let you know my picks. I have set a limit of 100€ as budget so I don’t get carried away too far there #addictswillknow – please let me know if you have another idea.

Disclaimer – this part of the guide is really grown-up. Find the rest of the guides here and only read on if you’re really really trying to find something for somebody else. Let me show you my picks from Desiary – an online shop that I am browsing from time to time, whenever I feel like I want to have my sh*t together:

1 Marble tray

First one and already I’m hitting you with a tough one – at least I would totally keep this one for myself instead of giving it away. In case you’re less of an egoistic b*tch than me: 49€

2 Colorful vase

You can never have enough vases, no matter if young or old. Why not have a colorful one? Available in different sizes and colors, about 34€

3 Decanter

Definitely something for dads. Or badass mums. Or an annoyingly grown-up boyfriend. No matter who’ll be the lucky one, you’ll be a 73€ lighter.

4 Glass cover

Look at this bourgeois pick. I’m kinda proud. For people who don’t inhale cheese as soon as they take it out of the fridge. They do exist. 50€

5 Wine journal

To be honest, I have no idea who I’d give this here to, but it would certainly need to be somebody who can say more about wine than those who stumble a couple of words about flowery bouquets now and then. Like me. 98€

6 Drip collar

For people who really really love wine. 21€

7 Vase

Yep, another vase – I’ve warned you that this one here would be rather grown-up. I seem to have a thing for vases, but maybe so does your mother. 22€

8 Lamp shade

I don’t know. Isn’t it cute? 99€

9 Porcelain bowls

I love them. You can use them for many things as they come in different sizes. Soap, maybe? 36€

10 Christmas jar

Fill it up with cookies and give it to your grandparents. Boom. 55€

11 Love tray

I’m a total sucker for Vitra, they have so much stuff I’m not sure I’ll ever need but then again I’m really sure I need them. Like this one here. 56€

12 Scissors 

And finally, a pair of scissors. Because these here are beautiful. 29€

That’s it again. Remember, there are only two more guides to come, so let me know if you’ve been really really missing something in the last eight parts.

I’d go for one of the trays, trust me.



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