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Kenzo o o

The Kenzo x H&M collab is about to launch, fashionistas around the globe are preparing to wet their pants waiting in line in front of the store November 3rd. It seems to be kind of an affair of honor to join in the craze around the concept of renowned designers teaming up with one of the cheapest stores there is, in order to give those who don’t usually spend their money on brands a little piece of that cake.

I get it. Last time, when Balmain x H&M came out, I was one of those, too. I mean…instead of waiting in front of an H&M I asked slash forced the boy to try and get the pieces I liked, but you know, close enough. It actually worked out, believe it or not, and without too much stress I got two of the pieces that I liked. I highly recommend this way of limited edition hunting – I think it brings out the instinct of a man to impress you, which is why he’ll be even more savage than you could ever be, trying to rip those pieces out of the hands of the hordes of annoying predator girls.

Anyway, from this experience I can say that the quality of those collabs is actually really good. I got the dark green suede pants and I couldn’t have complained if it wasn’t for the fact that I just don’t have the legs for cool pants. Never have, never will, which is why they had to go. The green sequin dress was the bomb, too – I didn’t wear it though, because again, it was too small and it’s still with me, all tags attached etc, in case you’re interested. Note to myself: Do not buy 36 when you’re actually a 38.

But this time…I bet you have an idea where this is going…this time, I kinda don’t get it.

You can say I’m a huge-ish fan of Kenzo. I obviously love them for their colors and I was one of those who had to have their tiger sweater when it came out, back in… 2013?

But did you see the pictures of their collection for H&M? Dayumn. And not in a good way.

I mean…I love a bold outfit and I totally get that fashion is about fun and not about always being up to date with whatever Zara and everybody else is throwing at us but a green tiger overall? Really?

No, I mean, really? And it doesn’t stop here. It’s an absolute explosion of elements that are hard to describe. They say too much of a good thing is not enough but, honestly, I just can’t wrap my head around this. I’ll just let some of my fav pieces speak for themselves:

I can see these being a fun option for a stay at a very sad, comfortless 1* Hotel – the ones where you’re happy to avoid any kind of contact with the dingy carpets that leave you breathless for so many reasons. Not for 100 dollars, though…

Kind of reminds me of my cultural roots, good old Mama Russia. I bet I could find two or three people there who’d be willing to wear this. Not for 70 dollars, though.

This, like other pieces too, would have been a great option for some freaky Halloween costume – unfortunately the collection launches a couple of days after the holidays… 130 everybody.

Reminds me of a that dinosaur series for kids when I was young, the one with the fugly, scary puppets. 100 dollars right there.

Not to sound too mean, but this is something for a rave, maybe or a bar you visit in secret. You can say that 50 dollars is an ok price.

Something Lady Gaga would enjoy. 50 dollars and it’s yours.

Matching whore boots, if you’re really really digging this look. 300 dollars. Let that sink in.

A funky doormat, worth a 250 dollars, apparently.

Here’s whole combo. You’re welcome. 200 all together.

And what is this? I swear I’d be scared if I met somebody on the street, pulling this off. 50 dollars worth of creeps.

And finally, there’s actually one thing I could see myself wearing. Maybe. One time. But not for 300 dollars, sorry:

Keep in mind: this was just a selection. There’s more of where I got this, you can find it all on www.fashionista.com – knock yourself out.

I don’t mean to be boring and if you’re digging this then by all means, go for it – I don’t think that you’ll have too many problems getting your fingers on these pieces, judging from 99,9% of the b/w Instagram profiles I see every day.

Personally, I think it’s a missed opportunity to give us something cool and wearable – I know that they would have been capable of it. What do you think?

Too much of a good thing can be too much, trust me.



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I repeat: all pics found on fashionista.com

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This just in

I know that, in theory, we should have more pressing topics to talk about, looking at what is currently happening in the world, but in practice I was asked to write a post on It Bags some while ago and since I really appreciate when you give me topics to talk about – THIS IS A HINT, IN CASE YOU DON’T GET IT – I will gladly say a couple of words about them.

So, It Bags. Funny you’d ask me about them, because I’m known for rants and negative comments, but bags? Of course I have a thing for bags. I’m a girly girl. A humble one, but only out of necessity. Like…duh, I would be running around with all sorts of bags if somebody gave them to me, but unfortunately I have a list of other things to tend to – like finally finishing my studies, earn my own money and survive without my parents holding my hand – before I can even think of to IT or not to IT.

The good news is: the It Bag is dead, at least as far as I’m concerned. I had to google it to confirm my own thoughts, but here it is:

By 2008 the popularity of the “It Bag” was reported to be in decline.[11] In May 2011, whilst acknowledging that there would always be customers for expensive status bags, Celia Walden reported that the concept of the must-have “It Bag” was no longer in fashion.[12] (disclaimer: I know that Wikipedia is not an accepted source for somebody who is trying to make a point)

It’s not like I needed Celia’s assessment in order to know, but I must admit that she obviously realized it before I did. I remember, not too long ago I had an understanding about what an It Bag was and I must admit that I found myself lusting over one of them every couple of months – like when Fendi came up with their Peekaboos and I seriously contemplated where to get the 1k+ to buy myself a candy colored micro bag or those moments when I thought to myself how good it would be to have a Valentino Lock bag in every color of the rainbow and all the fifty shades of them…Yep, I’ve been there, and I’m not proud.

Thinking about it, this seems like a lifetime ago. I can’t remember when I last felt the urge to buy a bag that was just introduced to us and I can assure you the reason is not that I suddenly became reasonable over night – nah. Something or someone must have somehow killed it for me and since don’t want to blame influencers for everything that is wrong with the world, including both of America’s presidential candidates, I’ll try to find another scapegoat and totally blame it on Chloé  – and a couple of other brands, of course #fashionvictimswillknow.

Like… first they go and introduce bag after bag that isn’t exactly gorgeous or revolutionary but still manage to somehow make us think that we kind of need it, because for some inexplicable reason everybody but us – me – seems to go absolutely craycray about it. And then, just recently, they give it the death blow by giving out a bag that looks like it was stolen from a paperboy to basically everybody I follow, or choose not to follow for a good reason, and make them write the exact same caption: I’m so honored to be among the first ones to wear it/present it to you – more coming very soon.

Yeah, nice try, I’m outta here.

I feel like our sense of fashion has totally gone down the drain in the last couple of months, maybe years, while I didn’t realize. Our demand is driven by completely wrong reasons and it’s sad and it kind of leaves me indifferent. I feel like ‘It Bags’ or whatever you might call them have become white noise, something we don’t even notice anymore, in the midsts of all of which is advertised to us.

And since I know that there are far worse problems than losing a material item to lust over, I’ll gladly take this chance and say thank you to everybody involved. Thank you for satisfying my need for overhyped items by just rubbing it in my face everywhere I turn. I’m over it. I can now sit back, relax and wait for the day when I happen to have spare change to buy a bag that I’ve been eyeing for a couple of years and not just a couple of posts. If anyone can have it, I don’t want it. Bye, bag, bye.

But maybe you have a different opinion? Currently lusting over something? Let me know, don’t be shy.

It Bags are dead, trust me.



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I’m a very curious person with an obnoxious interest for behavior and motivation, which is why I probably observe more than is good or normal. I find it immensely interesting to watch people, examine them and render an inner judgement about them. Oops.

It’s not as bad as it sounds, though. While it may not always be fair to everybody – I do admit that I turn out to be wrong sometimes, not too often though – I still think that it’s a habit that teaches you a lot, besides making sure you can entertain yourself on your own almost any place, any time.

Coming to Zurich, it only takes a couple of minutes for an attentive observer to understand that the city is swarmed by self-proclaimed fashionistas, parading their nose up high, making every ‘hot spot’ our rural metropolis has to offer their personal runway.

Two days ago, when I had to go to there for a quick meeting at the main shopping street, I returned home with yet another lesson, or let’s say, a calming realization about myself: While I, like the majority of women out there, care about and enjoy fashion, there are certain limits to it – things that I wouldn’t do for fashion.

What a dramatic intro, now what are those limits?

Firstly, I’d never trade health or comfort for a perfect track record.

Yes, sometimes I wear heels for a couple of hours, but if I realize that they aren’t as comfortable as I thought they were, it will be the last time that I put them on. You do realize that heels only look sexy if you can walk in them without looking like a shot deer, do you? Just as silly does it look when you don’t dress according to season, for whatever reason. If it’s 30° outside and you decide to pair your breezy white boho micro dress with biker boots, it won’t make you look fashionable, it’ll make you look dumb. Like chill b*tch, autumn will come, no matter what and sooner than later – you’ll have plenty of time to walk those studded ASH boots up and down Bahnhofstrasse.

Secondly, I wouldn’t spend a shitload of money on stuff I don’t really like, just to be part of some imaginary fashion-savvy association.

Like… every time I see somebody wearing that Chanel backpack that looks like an identical copy of that Eastpack thing we used to buy in different colors, just to let our friends scribble all over it, I can’t but wonder what other freaky stuff is going on inside that person’s head. 3’400 dollars, for f*ck’s sake, you really couldn’t think of a better way to spend that money? You really think that thing makes a valuable addition to your wardrobe? Beats me. And the list of such ‘It-pieces‘ is long and never complete.

And lastly, I wouldn’t make fashion my first priority, neglecting all the other important things in life.

Like…having a bunch of it-bags is nice, but there’s nothing glam about it eating sh*t all year long or saving money on rent in order to be able to afford such things, is there? How does driving a Porsche but buying meat at 1 Euro per kg fit together? All has to be in due proportion and if you care more about the things that other people see in you than about the things that are really important to you and your personal health and well-being, then you should maybe go and get help. And trust me, there are many of such people – and trust me, other people notice such things.

And you? What things do you find less comprehensible than others? Anything you wouldn’t do for fashion?

Know your limits, trust me.



P.s.: Please don’t be offended, but if you are, make sure to check my disclaimer. If I didn’t manage to offend you, you should definitely swing by @girlcasm on Facebook or even contact me for a free #girlcasm bracelet. Share the love! xoxo

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Style or no style

I am very hesitant about commenting on fashion because I know that it’s a very subjective topic and that for every comment that I make, there will be so many people who are offended by it and just as many who will tell me to go over my own wardrobe before criticizing others. And they might have a point, but you know what – come at me.

I’m not an expert and me too, I’m a student and I don’t possess the wardrobe that I’d want to ideally have if I had the means and the time and… but I think it’s ok to say that there’s a significant number of people – girls – who walk around as if they all had the same, super resourceful stylist.

In a couple of short sentences, the super stylish starter pack includes:

  • Skinny pants: Mostly black ones. White ones are a must as soon as spring arrives, no matter if your legs were made for them or not. If jeans, then always with huge rips at the knees, everything else is just not stylish enough. Super individual and all. And of course a pair of fake leather pants form Zara – 100 brain points for the girls who still comment asking about wheeeere to get these great pants. Because it’s a secret and nobody has them.
  • In terms of tops I think we’re currently on a half crop top, half (silk) blouses from Zara wave. Crop tops in grey or black, again, no matter if you’re in the position to flash that belly button ring or not, blouses in white or anything pastel. Somehow Zara manages to bring the same type of blouses with basically no change at all every f*cking season without anybody noticing.
  • Also with jackets, Zara will do the trick. You know the olive green parker type, or a fake leather jacket or maybe a fur vest for autumn. Oh and that bomber jacket that has taken all of Instagram by storm – of course you need to have it.
  • Shoes and bags are usually more individual. I guess Stan Smith is a huge thing at the moment and Converse together with low-key ankle socks never go out of ‘style’. UGGs or die in winter. Those with more money to blow go with the Miu Miu sneakers with the sparkly application that I used to love or the Valentino rock stud heels that I can’t fu*cking see anymore. In terms of bags I’m happy to report that I’m kinda seeing a lot less speedy bags at the moment, while Michael Kors, sadly, is still a huge f*cking thing among many pseudo fashionistas. Again, those who are willing / in the position to spend a little more have ruined my love for the Valentino Lock bag and are doing a great job at making me want a Chloé Drew bag even less than before. YAWN.
  • Accessoires are in fact too individual to comment on, but a real member of the uniform crowd will make sure not to get too crazy here either. Michael Kors watches, DW watches – Rolex when you have a reason to emphasize your family background – a label belt, etc…you get the idea.

Now… don’t get me wrong. Just because I’m not getting tired of making snarky comments about Michael Kors and his friends, doesn’t mean that I don’t shop at Zara from time to time or own a H&M jacket, just like every second snitch on the street. But just like with everything else, balance is key, isn’t it? And I’m not talking about brand or no brand, I’m talking styles and colors or whatever gives you a more personal touch than combining (only) the usual suspects.

Every time I see somebody commenting about the ‘great style’ on pictures like these (just as an illustration, no offense and as I said, this is an army of countless members), I swear it makes me question the world that I live in or at least my own linguistic comprehension, to take the drama out of my own annoyance. But a lot of people seem to have another opinion.

Now, without hate – If you can’t relate, you must be blind. I can’t be the only one who sees that what we’re talking about is not style, it’s cloning at most? So many people try and are encouraged to look the same, it’s scary, honestly. Hundred years from now people will look at pictures from our generation and know the combination described above as our standard uniform. Eww. S.O. f*cking S.

Just a little more personality never hurt nobody, trust me.




P.s.: Disclaimer for all the offended people out there – and Facebook for everybody who’s not into Chloé Drew bags, either.

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Always Right

Every single girl dreams of finding her Mister Right. (Well shhhh, I know, not every one of them, I’m sorry: not the tramps – they are too busy being all YOLO and how much D can I fit and stuff) As a former forever single girl I know how frustrating it can be to be out there and looking for him, starting to think there might not be somebody for everybody out there after all.

Like – why you? You’re perfect? Too perfect? You’re a f*cking delight. Where is he? He better show up ASAP – who does he think he is? Sucker.

Anyway. Girls, I’m here to sooth the pain a little – I’m here to let you know that having Mister Right has a couple of downsides, too, so why don’t you just sit back and chill while I tell you a little something about one of the biggest downsides of them all: they always have an opinion. About everything. And yes, you want him this way, you don’t need a loser without character. But sometimes… sometimes it’s about your outfit.

I know, I know, I know: men are said to never notice changes on their women, never notice new clothes and mostly not care about it anyway – but they do. Not when you’re not together, no – only real jerks will dare to comment on your outfit choices before sealing the deal, a normal guy will be too busy commenting on what’s going on underneath your clothes. I once had a guy tell me that my nail polish didn’t fit my outfit because it was of a lighter red than my skirt…Long pause…

A-ny-way. As soon as you’ve claimed the right to call him yours, he suddenly is under the impression that all of your choices are his business, too. I know that’s a good thing when it comes to many things where you’d like to get a second sober, less overly girly-emotional opinion on – but outfits? Ehrm, no?

It’s no news to us that men have a different and mostly simple taste when it comes to the women of their fantasies and their clothes. Less is more, the tighter the better, how about nothing at all, just sky-high heels? Just make sure I get a good shot at the most important parts of your body, kk? And then there are the extreme ones who love a girl without makeup, in sneakers and jeans and with a bottle of beer in her hands… I wonder why I have never attracted this sort of guy?

Which leads me to the following thought – it might be my own fault? Shocker. I can’t tell you how often the boy complains about my outfit choices. Honestly, almost daily. It’s not a real complaint, it’s more of a casual comment, which is worse, because it seems to be so random but is still hard to completely ignore for some reason. If I dare to put on some pants – not leather, leather is always good, can’t have enough of them – he comments about me wearing pants ‘again’, leaving me feeling guilty? about wearing pants. If I decide to combine two pieces of different colors, he questions whether they really work together. He thinks Balenciaga cut out boots are hideous, I mean, come on? Even when I go to the gym, he isn’t happy with what I’m wearing – this weekend I finally did him the favor and bought new yoga pants, my old ones weren’t ‘tight enough’ anymore and they weren’t grey, either. Grey yoga pants are the sh*t, no matter how exposed you and your camel toe feel, just fyi.

But when I think of it… I am passionate about randomly complaining about stuff that’s not my business, too. So… am I just complaining about having found the male version of myself? Let’s not get too deep here.

Even if it really is my own fault, if it’s me who chose to be with somebody with, let’s say, interesting demands – I can’t be the only one? Please tell me you’re dealing with this, too, even if you’re ignoring it? What is his fav outfit choice for you? I’d love the men who are into #girlcasm to comment, too. Don’t be shy, I’m curious to know.

And don’t worry, this isn’t a complaint, it’s just an observation. He might be Mr. Right, but we all know who will always be right…

You’re always right, trust me.



P.s.: Please tell me you’re not offended by this one – if you are, please consult my disclaimer. If some of this sounded familiar to you, why don’t you swing by Facebook and share the love? xoxo

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