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Never too late

Guys, I’ve been keeping a secret from you and I finally found the time to share it with you. It’s a delicate matter, I know that some of you will be very irritated, so please hear me out, before you go all this is so not Anna on me.

In a surprising turn of fate, I kind of fell in love with a couple of Pandora rings. I know, I know, I know – Yes, me. The ever critical, ever contemptuous Anna. I’m standing in front of you and I’m willing to admit that I might have been wrong on one or the other occasion. I will be giving Pandora rings a chance, from now on – see why:

Firstly, there are these cute flowery rings. If you know my rings, you know that I like to have tiny objects as a ring instead of just plain typical ones. For some inexplicable reason I’m lacking a flower ring, which is definitely something I will change in the future. For this reason, these two have caught my attention straight away as soon as I got to see pictures of Pandora’s new Spring collection. They do look remarkably natural on my fingers, what do you think?

The second pair of rings that got my attention are these two ones – one purple, one green, which is a fav color combo of mine. I absolutely love them and I will definitely want them as soon as they come out. I’m a bit sad that these are the only colors so far, though. I believe Pandora had these in pale pink and white before, but I am really hoping for them to follow up with yellow, blue, orange and flashy pink ones, so I can wear a rainbow around my finger. I’m super excited by the prospect of something which might never happen, which is always a great idea…

The new Spring/ Mother’s Day collection will feature a lot of other pieces, all of them affordable, including new charms, if you or your mother fancy them… This is just a selection of what, to my confusion, immediately caught my eye. The collection will come out in March, which is how long we all will have to wait – including me*. It’s almost sad it won’t be there in time for Valentine’s Day 😉

So here, I said it – I will definitely be getting the green and purple rings. Are you a Pandora girl? Let me know what you’re thinking.

It’s never too late to change your opinion, trust me.



*Because yes, if you were thinking that I have sold my soul for this post, you’re mistaken – being able to show you my fav pieces before they come out in March does not mean I get to keep them so you better believe that this is just me sharing my honest opinion. And now be a good girl, go to Facebook and give @girlcasm a like – xoxo

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I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of getting old and reaching that age where the list of things that I want to have is more and more filling up with things to make my home pretty instead of just my face or closet. Like what plead matches my carpet, does it go with the cushions I bought before and what can I put up on that wall over there? Since recently, the same goes for tableware and here’s who I have to blame for that: Maria Lorez and her online store Tauta-Home.

If you’ve been following me for a while, the reason why I instantly fell in love with her pieces is kind of obvious: colors. I lurve colors. And look at how many different ones she’s using for her products. Kind of dangerous, if you tend to collect things – you’ll want to have them all.

And there’s more to it: All of her designs, ranging from tableware to chairs and other things to bring color to your home, are handmade, in collaboration with artisans from Maria’s home country Colombia. Besides buying something you’ll love eating from or just staring at, you’ll be supporting fair production conditions.

Now that we know where that striking vitality that caught my attention is coming from, let’s have a closer look at what I’m craving from the current collections besides ALL of the tableware – as inspiration for you and as a hint to everybody who’s wondering what to get me as a random act of kindness:

If you’re old school like me, you’ll prefer to touch things and have a close look at them before you buy them. Well, people from and around Zurich, I have good news for you: Just in time for your Christmas gift shopping, there’s a Tauta-Home pop up store in Zurich, which will be open until mid-December. If you miss out on this opportunity, you’ll still be able to have a closer look at her pieces at the Weihnachtsdorf in Zurich, where they’ll be present from the 9th until the 23rd of December. The thought alone makes me excited for Christmas time. I strongly advise you to visit it if you or somebody you love has a thing for colors, too.

You can find the pop-up store at Schoffelgasse 3, 8001 Zurich and you just might find me there too, one day or another, not being able to choose from the selection. What do you think?

You need new tableware, trust me.


P.s.: Don’t be offended, but if you are, please check my disclaimer. If you care to see more of this in the future, why don’t you swing by @girlcasm on Facebook, follow, like, comment or share the love? If you’re interested in a free #girlcasm bracelet in different colors, please don’t hesitate to contact me! xoxo

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A guy’s gift guide

Guys, I’m happy to announce that I’ve stepped up my blogger game and have moved closer to really important bloggers that people can’t live without anymore and brands want to work with. It wasn’t easy for me not to tell you about this earlier but the day has finally come: I am doing my first collaboration. One of many more to come, I’m sure, but probably the only one that has something to do with fashion – I’ll probably be more wanted as an ambassador for mean people or a nut connoisseur.

But who is she talking about? Luisaviaroma? Louis V? Will she be Karl’s new muse?

I’m talking about none other than @aguysgiftguide. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you have to check it out ASAP – so simple, such a great idea: it’s an Insagram account / Facebook page / blog – whatever you like best – that aims to inspire men with no taste slash ideas slash commitment at all and help them find the right small attention for their special girl in form of a gift. Great, right? In a perfect scenario this could lead to a world without bad presents: no kitchen equipment, no gift cards or vouchers for massages that that fucker should be treating you to every day anyway. Doesn’t that sound like a brilliant idea?

But how did she land this incredible collaboration, what will she have to do with it?

Well guys, everything you’ve heard about success and landing jobs is right: I’m kind of sleeping with the boss. It’s a little side project that the boy came up with and, for the sake of all you girls out there, has asked me to help him with. Not on the verbal side of it though, he wants it to be a male voice – I’m not responsible for his tonality. I’m basically doing nothing other than before, except for that I’m not sending him links via Skype or tagging him in pic after pic adding I luuuurve, I neeeeeeed, I need moneeeey, hint!!! but am now saving these links in a document for him to post it on his channel, item after item.


a guy's gift guide


Why is she sharing this with us, what does she want from us?

I thought this was an especially good idea for those of you who kind of like my style or taste but have already gotten sick of me posting and posting the same items all over again and also can’t really relate with my sporadic If I was a rich girl postsAs I have said a number of times before: I do not enjoy blogging about items that I have seen on the internet and want to have, I don’t want to talk about trends with you, I want to blog about whatever comes to my mind. But this here could be a good way to still get a bit of both worlds and I will make sure not to suggest exorbitantly pricey items in order to make this more fun for all of us.

My suggestion for now is the following: If you think that this could be something that interests you, go ahead and follow @aguysgiftguide on whatever channel is most convenient for you and if you can think of a great way to casually mention this brilliant idea to your boyfriend, I will make sure to include the stuff that you’ll tell me to add. Deal?

Don’t worry – this is not a couple account. Now go out and share, go out and care!

This gift guide is good for you, trust me.



P.S.: I hope that you can tell the difference between reality and joke and if not, please consult my disclaimer. And while you’re at it, why don’t you go and pay me a visit on Facebook as well?

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