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What’s Gucci?

I know I’m totes late on this one, but can we quickly talk about the currently infamous Gucci shirt? In some ridiculous attempt to be a more cheery, less critical version of myself – new year, new me, blahblah – I have kept silent about it, even though of course I do have an opinion about it, as you probably do, too.

Thankfully, I know that you love me at my worst, which is why, what the hell, let me get this off my chest real quick:

The Gucci shirt…I’m sure it doesn’t need an introduction – if social media is your staff of life, you will already have seen it on uncountable occasions. It’s everywhere, you can’t escape – and you love it or you hate it, there’s not in between.

Me, of course, I love it. I’m more of a victim than I’d like to admit to myself.

I mean…I don’t love it, I like it – I could never feel love for a piece of cotton worth a couple hundred of dollars. But it is, apparently. 390€ and sold out – and everybody’s complaining that we’re living in rough economical times. If you ask me, too many people out there are living a crazy good life if spending 400€ on an ordinary shirt is something they consider reasonable. 400 f*cking €. I’m still shocked every time I think about it, because I really was naive enough to think it would cost ‘a crazy 200€’. Cute.

But the price is not what pisses me of. I’m happy for the people who can afford to spend such an amount of money on a simple piece of cloth (disclaimer: of course this is a lie, you cow). Go you for, besides having that bit of spare cash on your hand, being able to ignore sanity screaming on top of its lungs. And honestly, go Gucci, for making so many people want something so simple so badly.

What is starting to annoy me about this shirt is the frequency in which I see it – and the way in which I see it. Enough already.

To be fair – if I ever decided to spend a good part of an overpriced bag on a t-shirt, I’d probably wear the sh*t out of it, too. You’d never see me wear anything else, ever again. 24/7, 365 days straight.

But everything has a date of expiry, especially hypes like this genius Gucci coup. And it’s been too long, seriously – since shortly after Christmas? It feels like another lifetime. I almost feel bad for everybody who is still wearing it on the regular, taking such a satisfaction of shoving it in our faces for yet another time. I mean, let’s be honest – it’s not THAT special. As I said, I do like it, but it’s still a simple f*cking shirt with a washed-off print. It’s time we all calm our tits and forget about it slowly but surely, don’t you think?

And then…why is it that the only way to style this shirt seems to be either pairing it with torn jeans or a patent leather skirt? And no matter which of those vast options you chose, you should not, under no circumstances – do you hear me?? – forget the fishnet tights. The shirt won’t work any other way. Amazing. Or how another wise woman would put it – groundbreaking.

So yeah… coming from a, maybe, slightly jealous place, here’s my plea: Can’t you make it just a little bit more exciting for us? Those of us who have no other choice but look at your feed, marveling at your wardrobe? Can we, like, agree on a max posting frequency of one and the same shirt? Or can we just stop posting it all together already? I promise, I’ll be just as jealous about your other stuff, but please, give me some new hype to make my life seem just a little bit more miserable, I’m tired of this one.

What do you think? Let me know what you’d buy for the price of this shirt 🙂

Don’t ignore the date of expiry, trust me.



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Is it too late now to say sorry?

Life is full of decisions, we all know how it is. Some of them are easy, some of them are more difficult. Sometimes we find ourselves at a crossroads. We’re confused and we don’t know what to do. Some aspects hint to one direction, others in a completely different one. Life can be really really hard. With Gucci having such a glorious comeback in the recent times, I imagine you’re having feelings similarly to the ones just described when it comes to flashy label belts, the ones with a logo as a buckle – are they back? To wear or not to wear? Actually no, right? But maybe yes?

Have no fear, I got ya – I’m here to guide you through this one. I’ll always be here for you.

To avoid any kind of confusion that might arise, let’s just quickly anticipate my point here – I’m sure you’ve already guessed it anyway. The answer is plain and simple: f*cking no. There never was, there never will be a time for label belts. Never ever. Not Gucci, not Fendi, not Hermès and sure as hell not Louis V. None of them. Not if taste isn’t a completely alien concept to you. Trust me.

Label belts are a huge warning sign for me. Women with label belts is something I kind of accept with a commiserative shake of the head – hormones and stuff: one day you eat your whole f*cking fridge out and are still hungry, next day you decide to buy that cute little fugly Louis V belt that only works with washed out Miss Sixty jeans from 15 years ago and a matching belly button piercing, maybe. But men! I am absolutely positively sure that a guy with a f*cking 800$plus H gracing his balls can only be a huge f*cking douche, no matter what.

I’m not saying that my fashion sense is the best and I sure as hell don’t go without failing when it comes to fashion – I am well aware that my fondness of colorful outfits is not everybody’s cup of tea, for example. But, as with many things, there’s always a difference between bad and worse or absolutely unacceptable. Label belts are the latter. They are the epitome of tackiness. A distinctive mark of the tribe of the primitive anonymous. A modern tramp stamp for both sexes. Hideous. An absolute no-go.

Trust me, I’m not being a bitch here, I’m just trying to talk some sense into you. Me too, I have friends with such belts who I actively choose to love whenever I see them wearing them, even though they make me question everything that I appreciate about our friendship. Me too, I fell in love with a guy who seriously thought that flashy label belts were a thing at some point – something that almost cost us our first encounter. Imagine the horror of finding countless photos featuring Gucci and Fendi belts during your first intense Facebook stalking-session. Whyyyyy? It almost crushed my hope of having found a potential candidate for my heart and hand. Thank god I was desperate enough to think that his views might change. Because they did. It’s ok now. Contact me if you’re looking to buy cheap old Gucci and Fendi belts. Think enemies.

If you think that my opinion is too harsh, let me put this the other way: name one person with style who’s wearing them on a regular and or voluntary basis, I challenge you. Attention: bloggers, of course, don’t count, seeing that they are as close to a wh*re as you can get, without taking your clothes off. They will wear whatever the highest bidder will tell them to wear, no questions asked. And they are also the one’s who are currently jumping on the new Gucci-belt wagon.

Anyway guys, I came to tell you that it’s never too late, believe me. Even if you have, at some point in life, chosen the wrong turn and bought a belt with a flashy label buckle. You can always give it back. You can always be cruel and sell it to somebody looking for an accessory to match their Speedy bag. You can always send it as far away from yourself as possible. Or you can always just throw it in the garbage, where it f*cking belongs. Let go of it. See it as an investment in your dignity. I promise to never mention it to anybody.

It’s never too late to say sorry, trust me.



P.s.: To all you offended fans of label belts, here’s my disclaimer. If you had to agree with – almost? – every word I just said, I think you’ll like my Facebook page, too.

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Nah, thx

I know, I know – you’re all messaging me saying that I should get my sh*t together and do a new outfit post on the blog instead of talking about myself all the time (even my male readers – no joke – are starting to wonder what happened to that fashion thing there), but I’ll have to put you off for another couple of days I guess, due to ‘technical issues’ or whatever sounds equally important. More is coming, pinky promise.

I am willing to feed your lust for fashion though, which is why I’ve decided to make a post about recent it-pieces that I don’t really understand. Because wow people, sometimes when I scroll through Instagram or whatever other source of inspiration, I think that I’m the only one around here with a sane brain. So many things I’d never ever spend a penny on, let alone the shitload of pennies that is asked in return for the following pieces, let’s see what we got here:


Like seriously? Can we be honest for a sec here? I mean – I get it, I love brands and I do spend way too much money on clothes that aren’t remotely worth the value of their prize tag, but to me these shoes and the fact that they are sold out everywhere are proof for the fact that some people just buy to belong with whoever. I don’t know how much they cost – about 800$?? – but I honestly doubt that anybody would wear them, even for free, if they didn’t have King Karl’s signature on them. Can’t blame him, though – I get the idea of classic and not too exaggerated and these pumps aren’t hideous or anything… just so super ordinary, especially the light ones, IDK.


Another Chanel no-no are their sneakers, which for me are one of the most Russian things I can think of. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind being #allchaneleverything if I had the means, but are there people from other nations who’d actually wear such a tacky thing? They look horrible, like a cross-breeding of K-Swiss and Buffalo. They look like fakes, a total disgrace for Coco.


Another one. So, I know that a Chanel bag is like every girl’s dream and all… but am I the only one or does this this, surely not super cheap number here, look just like the Eastpak backpacks from back then when it was cool to let your friends from class scribble BFF 4EVA all over them? Chiarra Ferragni, who – despite her fashion status – in my opinion is also a little off sanity from time to time, is probably the only one who can pull this thing off authentically. To the rest of you – ever checked out their leather versions, if it has to be #allchaneleverything?


I love Gucci. I’ve always been a fan of their loafers and would buy them in every color there is if I ever found myself in a rich girl situation and especially after this season’s campaign it is not embarrassing to like Gucci anymore. But these sandals? Am I the only one who thinks of cleaning ladies from Kazakhstan in German department stores and filling stations? With a floral frock and all? Terrible, no blogger in the world can shake that club foot feeling for me.


There are a couple of bags by Saint Laurent I’d like to have – and then there’s this Jersey Shore version here, which I totally would have believed to be a fake if I hadn’t seen it on a couple of bloggers already. Shame on them for promoting this as fashion. It’s not. It’s a 1’200 Euro I’m not planning to spend, ever, unless somebody convinces me of the aesthetic value of Von Dutch and Ed Hardy.


The grand finale. These have to be my absolute favorites of all time. Like what the actual f*ck? I can remember my subtle gag reflex when I first saw these monsters on the feet of a blogger I truly like and I thought ok, whatever, she’s getting payed a shitload to promote them, I guess I can forget about this but no – a couple of days later I saw them on another account that I really like, together with a caption like ‘dreams’ or whatever. What?! Please tell me this is a joke. They look like something from one of those trendy Turkish stores that smell of plastic. I’d rather be called an uber-peasant with no taste at all than ever get closer to these ‘shoes’ than 50m. Disgusting.

Oh, no, sorry guys – I know, I’m mostly talking about shoes here, but I have another one for you here:

It’s hard to find the words for these, though. They look like something not even communist Russia would have waited for but at the same time like something German greenies with hairy legs and armpits would totally dig – but still, I’ve stumbled across them on an account that I actually like. I’m confused.

So…I don’t know guys –  it must be super exhausting to work in fashion if you’re not into drugs or a badass liar. Can we promise to always be honest with each other? We don’t have to accept just anything that is presented to us. Remember my infamous #speedygate? I promise to always be this honest with you, even if it hurts sometimes and I hope that this post made you feel a little less sad about not always having all the money in the world. Any other It-pieces you don’t get? Let me know.

Being an outsider can be good for you, trust me.



P.S.: Consult my disclaimer before you get all upset about your style icons – or check out my Facebook page if you agree.

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