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Coats coats coats

Did you know that I do posts on request? Because I do. Whether it’s a personal question you’d like me to debate or a rant you can’t find the words to make – I’m here for you, just drop me a message at hello@girlcasm.com 🙂

The other day, after talking about my coat problem on Snap, I was asked to pick some SALE coats for you guys. So if you’ve been looking to make a good deal that keeps you warm – this is your sign.

Personally, I think a coat is something worth spending more on – I don’t believe in H&M or Asos. I swear on Burberry, because they always make you look elegant and don’t go out of style, if you ask me. I have coats that I have now been wearing for the 8th winter in a row and am planning to wear for another couple of years – beat that.

For this reason, I have put the limit for this piece to 1’500€ – which doesn’t mean that I haven’t picked a couple of more affordable pieces. But see for yourself:

1 – 500€

If you’re looking for a pink, fluffy, cozy coat: EDITED – 139€

If you’re looking for a classic: IVY & Oak – 199€

If you’re looking for some white fluff, not too warm though: J.Crew – 238€

I like a pop of red, it makes almost everybody look pretty: Harris Wharf London – 250€

LOVE!!! this one here. The color, the cut: Carven – 322€

A little pink, for the brave: Lala Berlin – 349€

Love this color as well: Lala Berlin – 349€

Absolutely love this one here: Blugirl – 453€

Simple, with a girly twist – love: J.Crew – 469€

If you’re the bomber type of girl, this one here is pretty cool: Acne – 490€

501 – 1000€

Simple and fluffy: Lala Berlin – 519€

A real steal – so delicate: Bally – 530€

Another color pop I love: J.Crew – 568€

Cute floral detail: I’m Isola Marras – 574€

A little drama for you: P.A.R.O.S.H. – 615€

Super fun: Mother – 632€

Another classic: Joseph – 666€

Classic with a little rock ‘n’ roll: J.W.Anderson – 694€

A little hello from my Russian taste: Giada Benincasa – 897€

Classic, simple: Helmut Lang – 920€

1001 – 1500€

I know this is rather a warm blazer, but this color! so pretty: Stella McCartney – 1095€

Candy meets classic: Etro – 1099€

Looooove this one here – so fun: Anya Hindmarch – 1256€

Colorful but still not too much, if you ask me: Etro – 1365€

And in case you’re looking for a little shearling to keep you warm: Karl Donoghue – 1475€

I found an awful lot of coats, huh? Not sure if this huge selection makes it any easier for you and also I know that my mother will not agree with most of those here, because not all of them are long enough to cover most of your legs – but maybe there’s something you fell in love with at first sight? Let me know! xoxo

Whatever topic you’d like me to cover, I’ll do it for you – trust me.


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F*ck yeah, Sale

Girls, I know you love fashion and when I saw that SALE has officially started at mytheresa, I have decided to make those of you feel a little bit better about themselves who are struggling with the same major problem as I am at the moment, which is being a broke ass student who wasn’t even looking forward for SALE to start and everybody to flaunt their bargains in your face. What an annoyingly long sentence… but come on, let’s have a look at the things we don’t want to have anyway:

The idea came when I saw this pair of… boots? F*cking hell? I love Dolce & Gabbana and as a Russian I am not overly sensitive when it comes to colors and prints and gemstones and whatever on clothes, but this… This reminds me of the costumes that German people wear on carnival, at least in the southern part of Germany, and this is not a good thing – read here about my relationship with carnival. At the price of now 2.765€ they are not exactly for free, either.

Then there’s this. I must have said a few too many nice things about recent developments of Gucci, because this can’t be serious. Imagine wearing these during summer…eww… how did we get here? We’re taking care of our bodies every day, trying to remove every slight chance of a hair as soon as we spot it and then fashion comes along and suggests that pink fluff around your toes is not a completely disgusting thing. I’ll pass, that’s another 1.043€ plus. Go us!

I was just about to get over the shoes and move on when I saw this… The f*ck Isabel, you were an idol to us not so long ago, what do you mean? Imagine how annoying the person must be that seriously pulls these off…Nah, sorry, not with me.


Before I go on about what I think of these Charlotte Olympia stripper heels, let’s move on with… bags. Who doesn’t love bags? Let me change that for you:

I don’t know a lot about JW Anderson, I just know that a quite prominent Swiss fashion blogger is trying to let us believe that her hideous fish-fin shoes are somewhat desirable, so I am aware that JW Anderson and I will never be a thing, but this here… Check out the name… Airplane leather shoulder bag. No offense JWA, but…this looks like an orca at best, which kind of coincides with my fishy conspiracy from a second ago. Can’t fool me.

Next comes Miu Miu. This item here is not exactly hideous, but I’m so over this type of bags they have – am I the only one? I know that every brand has their signature thing, but every time I see these – what are they? Ruffles? – it seems so 2000 and super late to me. No wonder it is on SALE – we’ve had enough of it, get the message?

And at this point I’m starting to think that mytheresa is somehow trying to prank us, because this little monster here that goes by the romantic name Trigger Reef patent leather tote is SOLD OUT. You must be kidding me. Am I really the most unfashionable person out there, the only one who doesn’t see the potential to combine unforgettable outfits with this little bugger here? I really hope that somebody bought them all to burn them and save the world.


There’s also a couple of MK bags on SALE, by the way, but I think I’ve said enough about those already in the past, so let’s move on to clothes. Here are my three favs:

Miu Miu again – why are you doing this to us? Getting some strong Steve Urkel vibes here…I imagine it must be very popular with annoyingly in-your-face androgynous women or that guy from one of your courses who met his girlfriend over 9GAG… Not sexy, not fashionable – but who am I to judge, obviously.

And then one beautiful day, probably shortly after some near death experience, Tom Ford had this vision to create a terrible accident in the shape of a skirt, involving all of the hoofed animals of Africa, and throw some reptiles in, too. So much fun? I don’t get it, but I promise you I can DIY one of these for you, if you’re trying to attract the attention of a really really weird guy.

What’s next – mmmhm. Imagine not only having to wear something as incredible horrible as a suede bomber – why?? – but also having payed more than 2k for it….crazy, no? LOEWE, stick to those amazing skirts of yours, put this and your elephant bag back to where you got it. You’re welcome.


Nope, sorry, another one. This is so horrible. Also in the combination that they are suggesting on the site, what is this? A letter from Cher? I don’t get it. Why would you bring something that we’ve successfully overcome when I was about the age of 12 back to the stores? We really never do learn from mistakes, do we?


That’s it. I can go back to uni stuff and know that I’ve seen it all. Don’t get me wrong, there were a couple of things I would have loved to have, but you must feel a little bit better now too, don’t you? We’ve just saved a couple of thousand euros that other lunatics will probably be willing to pay. You’re welcome.

They didn’t ask me to write this little review, trust me – haha



P.s.: Don’t worry, I love mytheresa – but if you still decide to be offended, please mind my disclaimer. If you find my chatter even remotely relatable, you can always share some love on Facebook. Or here. Or wherever. Just do 😉 xx


The pictures used are obviously taken from their site.

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